27 December 2010

Barmy for Balm

Topshop and lip balm. Two things I love. If I'm out shopping, I will probably have a Topshop bag (or two!) in my hand and I seem to reapply lip balm, vaseline or lip gloss what seems like, every other minute! So, when I recieved Topshop's lip balm in Dew as part of my Christmas present from my friend Nicole, I was happy as Larry.

You get 3.5g of product and it has a lovely thick, soft consistency. It's not at all sticky - even my Mum (who hates sticky lip products) commented on the creaminess. Unfortunately it only lasts for about 15-20 minutes.

Although it is quite sheer, it still gives my dark red lips a slightly softer, paler look and not only does it look good on you lips, but the cute black and white striped pot looks great in a makeup bag or on a dressing table. It also has a flip-top lid which means that is very easy to open and close - so they'll be no sticky situations!

(All images from topshop.com)

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