5 December 2010

Brit, Brit, Hooray!

We all have them. Those days when you realise instead of watching back episodes of Friends last night, you should have washed your hair. Or even when you have washed your hair but it just couldn't possibly be any flatter on your head.

But do not worry. You need not deem it a bad hair day as Batiste Brit has come to the rescue!

Currently exclusive to Superdrug, the latest edition to the Batiste family does wonders for limp or, dare I say, greasy hair as well as leaving your locks smelling suitably sweet. The fabulously smelling Brit can also just give hair a bit of boost and volume, be it for a day of work, a night on the town or going out for a cuppa.

Talking of cuppas, on Saturday, I was lucky enough to be invited down to Brick Lane for afternoon tea to celebrate the launch of the new dry shampoo.

Us bloggers were treated to a beautiful few hours of champagne, petit-fours and cupcakes galore. And I cannot begin to explain my excitement when I spotted my very own cupcake! Have a butchers at that cutiepie of a cake!

Not only did I eat my body weight in cake, but one of the lovely Vintage Patisserie girls also did my hair in a 1940s style (victory curls an' all!), with the help of a few spritzes of Brit - of course!!

The rest of the afternoon was lovely and the room was beautifully decked out in all things British!

The lovely Jacki

Before I blogged about it, I wanted to give Brit a go myself so when I spotted my definitely-in-need-of-a-wash hair in the mirror this morning, I had my opportunity!

In the same size can as the other Batiste products, it is just as easy to use and very effective but has the added bonus of a particularly lovely wonderful scent. And if you don't believe me, ask my friends! One of my friends even asked what perfume I was wearing, when in fact it was simply the sweet smell of Batiste!

Do not get confused by the name. Spritzing your roots with Brit will not leave you stinking of dirty fumes! Far from it. Think shining red buses, film premieres and bunches of freshly-cut flowers.

On Saturday, PennyGoLightly and I spent a while trying to find a fitting description of the scent and decided that the best way to explain it is "sweet and rather like a Chloe perfume"! But, in all honesty, the best way to know is for you to try it yourself. So why not pop down to Superdrug and get your hands on a can for a few pennies over £2?

If you've never tried Batiste, where HAVE you been?!
And if you have, you will love this!


Pammy said...

Cute blog! How fun that you got invited to a Batiste event...and got a cupcake!!! That is adorable! I have never tried Baptiste, but have tried other dry shampoos that I really love (Pssssst! and Tresseme). :)

Carrie said...

very cute blog. i read your email. thank you so much for stopping by my blog.

and i am now your newest follwer. hope you can follow me back!


thefashionfreak said...

Pammy - Thank you very much! It was great fun! Was a 3 hour trek up there on the trains through the snow! I think it's great! Would be well worth trying Brit (smells great) or Fresh (which has a more discreet smell) :)

Carrie - Thank you too! That's okay - love the love/hate red carpet posts! Am now following :)

Rakhshanda said...

Hi dear..I read your mail, thanks for stopping by my blog.
hey you are so cute too.
and i am now your newest follower. hope you can follow me back!
best of luck honey.

grace claydon said...

awwh i loved hearing all about this in art hahaa ;)
its so cool, i reckon you're going to be pretty famous in the futureee!

Laura's Blog said...

looks great, wish i could of made it to the event :( x

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