31 December 2011

All things bright and beautiful

This past year has been incredibly hectic and a million and one things have happened in my life, both good and bad. I haven't blogged much this past month but I thought I'd leave you with some photos of how I've spent this last day of 2011. In true 'Fashion Freak' style, wouldn't you agree?!

I painted both mine and my Mum's nails with a hot pink polish from W7 and with lashings of Wet N Wild glitter polish on top! If you can't have nails like this on New Year's Eve, when can you?

Our bright nails (and my rumbling tummy) inspired me to bake these ultra-colourful cupcakes which went down a treat!

Thank you all of you lovely followers for sticking with me and my little blog. I hope 2012 is a great year for each and everyone of you!

8 December 2011

Get a piece of One Piece

I know there are quite a few onesie/all-in-one/babygro haters out there but I must admit, I welcome them with open arms! Particularly if they are festive.....

The likes of One Direction, Justin Bieber and Lucien Laviscount have all been seen sporting a festive One Piece or two.

Images courtesy of onepiece.com

You can get your hands on your own, rather pricey, but very cosy One Piece at www.onepiece.com or at their new store at Box Park in Shoreditch which only opened last week! So if like me, you are a willing wearer of the babygro pop down and spend some Christmas cash!

4 December 2011

Bearpaw at Nature Shop

I've been wearing my new boots from the lovely people over at Nature Shop almost everyday since they arrived on my doorstep. Last month, I'd been eyeing up the Classic Short boots from UGG which are on their website for the painful price of £175 but my Bianca Short Hickory boots by Bearpaw I picked out are almost identical, just as cosy and a fraction of the price at just over £60!

Nature Shop's service was fantastic and my boots were delivered within a few days, in a nice sturdy shoe box to protect them from getting too bashed about in transit. Delivery and returns are free so you don't need to worry too much about ordering the wrong size. They have a great environment policy too; they are completely carbon neutral, use only biodegradable or recycled packaging and donate to the WWF, so, it's nice to know that it's not just us and our toasty feet (ewwww feet) that benefit, but the environment too.

Although Bearpaw is proving to be my new footwear favourite this winter, Nature Shop sell brands like Timberland and Emu Australia too. So if you're on the hunt for some winter boots or just want to fill up your Christmas list, Nature Shop seems like the place to go!

28 November 2011

You're like a rare vintage ripple

For all you vintage lovers out there, there's 20% of everything on the Gigi Vintage website until midnight tonight! Just use the code CYBERMON11 at the checkout.

My debit card seems to have gone awol, which is probably for the best considering my spending habits, but I thought I'd share some of my favourite Gigi items with you. Remember, everything's a one-off find so once it's gone it's gone!

27 November 2011

Cover me in Diamonds

If you follow me on Twitter, you'll know that I'm rather snowed under with A Level work at the moment and will be for a while as I have my exams in January! This has meant that I've blogging on The Fashion Freak a whole lot less than I'd like :(

But I thought I'd let you know that I update my Tumblr blog 'Cover me in Diamonds' every single day if you fancy a daily fashion fix. Click the photo below and it'll take you straight there!

21 November 2011

Lash extensions at Boudoir Lashes!

Last weekend, I took a quick trip up to London to visit to Boudoir Lashes at Becca Boutique, a stone's throw away from South Kensington tube station and had my little old lashes transformed!

I love big lashes. I coat mine in layers and layers of mascara and if I could (money and getting-ready-in-the-morning time permitting), I would probably wear huge false eyelashes everyday! So when Asma Docrat, the lovely lady who owns Boudoir Lashes asked if I wanted to try lash extensions, I was at the tube station in a flash. (Not quite, but I was very excited!)

I arrived at the 'Boutique' along Pelham Street and met Asma, who explained the whole process to me and gave me a disclaimer to sign. We then discussed how I wanted my lashes to look and once we'd decided, Asma showed me to the therapy table and got to work.

First she taped down my lower lashes with Micropore - this is done to avoid any sticky situations, keeping the glue used on the top lashes, away from the lower ones. I must admit, I was prepared for the whole experience to be painful and traumatic but it was all fine! My eyes felt a little dry, but a couple of minutes, I'd already forgotten about the Micropore.

I then closed my eyes and Asma began the meticulous task of apply the lash extensions, one lash at a time. She was lovely and chatty and the hour and a half flew by!

The treatment, which is currently £60 until December 30th, involves the application individual synthetic lashes to your own lashes using super strong Novalash glue and so long as you follow the simple aftercare advice, they should last for around 4 weeks. Mine have been on for just over a week, and although a couple of lashes have fallen out, they're still looking good as new.



If you have a special occasion coming up or are escaping the British weather for a sunny holiday, I would really recommend individual lash extensions. They are noticeable (cue the numerous "Wow, your eyelashes have got so long!" comments) but still natural-looking and the joy not having to scrub off all my layers of mascara every night brings, is a good enough reason on it's own!!

Applied free for consideration and review

6 November 2011

Ring a ding ding ding

My love for Miss Selfridge jewellery will never fade. Especially if they keep on luring me in with all their sales!

I got picked up these two which I loved so much that I would have paid the full prices (£12.50 and £7.50) had I seen them earlier and of course, at £2 each, it would have been rude not to.
These semi-precious stone style rings are still really popular at the moment and I just loved how huge the 'stone' was and the rustic silver detailing on the edges.

Then the little wing one is so intricate and dainty - makes a nice change to the usual knuckleduster-style rings that tend to adorn my fingers.

What do you think? Do you like the DIVA jewellery range at Miss Selfridge?

28 October 2011

Versace for H&M

H&M is always the store I go to for basics. And by basics, I don't mean plain white t-shirts and boring granny pants - I mean those classic staple wardrobe items that last for seasons upon seasons.

Every collection that H&M releases gets my undivided attention and so when news of their collection by Versace reached me, I sat down with a cup of tea huge bar of Galaxy and gave it all a good look.

True to H&M form, there are some gorgeous dresses with simple embellishment along with some great quirky pieces which are just made for clashing. Everyone seems to be loving clashing prints right now.

 Images sourced from vogue.co.uk

Of course, with Versace involved, it's almost all too expensive for my little budget. I best get saving!

25 October 2011

NOTD: Miss Sporty Lilac

The friend painted my nails with a gorgeous lilac colour from Rimmel last week and I loved it so much that I thought I go out and hunt for my own one.

Unfortunately on this little trip out, I managed to forget my purse so I had to see what pennies I could find at the bottom of my bag. After 5 minutes 'sorting my finances' on a bench on the high street, I ended up with £2.37. Yay.

The £4 something Rimmel polish was out of the question so I went off on a hunt for one under £2.37! And I came across this Miss Sporty one.

For £1.99, I can't complain and to be honest, there's nothing to complain about! 2 coats make it perfectly opaque and I'm more than a little bit in love with the colour. Not very A/W but who cares!?

16 October 2011

Leggings Love (and a giveaway winner)

Images courtesy of urbanoutfitters.co.uk

No matter whether they're 'on trend' or not, I will always have a soft spot for leggings. Fun, comfy and, if you choose carefully, rather fashionable too!

I was browsing through the Urban Outfitters website this morning and in an attempt to not get too caught up with the cute dresses and quirky tees, I had a gander at their leggings section. And here I found the beauties that you can see above! If you're into 'basics' and simple elegant clothes, these probably aren't pushing your buttons, but I can't keep my eyes off them!

I am loving prints at the moment. Big and bold, cute and ditsy, loud and clashing - whatever the print, I'm probably drooling over it. My favourite pair of leggings I found are these Fair Isle ones which, given that winter is on it's way, seem perfect!

P.S. The winner of 200+ followers giveaway is Charlotte Head Over Heels! Congratulations Charlotte! If you could email me your full name and address, I'll get your prize in the post next week. Thank you to everyone that reads my blog and all the support I get from you beautiful people. I know I've been a bit MIA recently but once I'm on top of all my work I'll be blogging away again!

30 September 2011

Ruxx and Revlon Giveaway

Don't forget, my 200+ followers giveaway ends tonight so make sure you enter if the prizes take your fancy :)

Click here to go straight to the giveaway page!

27 September 2011

Baked to perfection

This month, new makeup brand, VIVO was launched in Tesco stores up and down the country. With a great range of products and really reasonable prices, it would be well worth popping into your local store and having a look!
I'm a huge fan of baked products and anything remotely shimmery so it wasn't surprising when I fell in love with VIVO's offerings.

The packaging seems a bit dated but after the blusher dropping out of my bag, onto the pavement and surviving, it's proved it's robust! I love the galaxy-style pattern on each of the domes which make them look much more expensive-looking than they actually are, for those of you who are more accustomed to high end brands and snazzy designs.

Bronzer £5/Blusher £4 

Bronzed/Shade 2 (12g)

Rosy/Shade 2 (8g)

The pigmentation is fantastic - even more impressive, considering the cheap-as-chips prices, whilst you also seem to get quite a lot of product. I've been using the blusher every day for the last 2 weeks and there's no sign of a dip whatsoever.

Admittedly, if you're not a fan of shimmer then this isn't for you but even so, if you're on a budget, VIVO seems to like the one to watch this year!

19 September 2011

NOTD: A Galaxy Away (Extravagance - OPI)

The sun's out and it's still feeling like summer at the moment. So when it comes to nail varnish, you're probably thinking about pastel hues and soft shades. But not The Fashion Freak. All I seem to be painting my nails with is dark purples and metallics.

I was sent this mini OPI bottle in my June Glossy Box (a while ago I know!) but unfortunately, it didn't seem to have a name. However, after a quick bit of research, I found that it is called Extravagance and is originally from the OPI Designer collection from a few years ago.

The polish itself is a deep plum purple (glossy but not metallic) and it is accompanied by what seems to be tiny flecks of pink, silver and gold sparkles. Layered together, the sparkles create a gorgeous, almost 3D, look which reminds me slightly of the galaxy-style images I see bobbing about on tumblr and on many a Topshop tee these days.

It applies beautifully and it doesn't seem to have chipped as quickly as my other OPI polishes tend to do.

What do you think? Did you get the polish in your Glossy Box?

13 September 2011

200+ Followers Giveaway

There are now 204 of you beautiful people following my blog! To thank you for all your support and loveliness, I've decided to do run a little giveaway!

As I am a fashion AND beauty blog I wanted to combine the two somehow for the giveaway but I was finding the fashion side of things a bit tricky as I know that everyone has their own style and also their own size!! So after a lot of umming and ahhing, I picked out two lipglosses from one of my favourite cosmetic brands, Revlon, and then I chose a gorgeous pink leather notepad from Ruxx Bags. As I wasn't going for clothes, I thought the notepad would be a good option as everyone can use it I'm sure it'll look very fashionable when you pull it out of your handbag!

If you hadn't realised yet, I have a bit of a thing for pink!

(Orchid 012 and Hot Pink 010)

To enter:

1. You need to be following my blog via Google Friend Connect through either a Google or Twitter account

2. You need to leave a comment asking to be entered and please include an email address or Twitter username so that I can contact you easily if you are the winner

3. For an extra entry, follow me on Twitter (@cwaterworth) and tweet Just entered @cwaterworth's 200 followers giveaway! http://www.thefashionfreak.co.uk/2011/09/200-followers-giveaway.html Have you?

The giveaway is running just in the UK (not international sorry!) and if you are under 16, please get your parent/guardian's permission to enter as I will have to ask for your address if you win. The giveaway ends at midnight on September 30th.

Good luck everyone!

31 August 2011

End of summer haul

I popped into town at the weekend and picked up a few bits and bobs but I saw some sale signs and got a little sidetracked....

I got these red crochet-style espadrilles for £4 in Peacocks. They are wonderfully comfortable and possibly the best four quidoodles I've spent this year.

Then from Dorothy Perkins, I found this beauty. Some how, despite my many fashion and beauty obsessions, one for belts seems to have slipped through the net and I barely own any. But if I keep seeing ones like this, that may well change. It is a muted grey colour but its slight iridescence catches the light and makes it a little different to the usual plain old ones I tend to see. I loved the shiny gold buckle and the fact that it has lots of holes means that I can get it to fit me perfectly.

Then my final stop was Topshop. Admittedly, I wasn't going to find the makeup wipes and deodorant I needed in there but as I was passing by, it would have been rude not to.

Like Miss Selfridge, Topshop always have some great jewellery sales, so I had a good rummage through the Topshop offerings and although lots of gorgeous sparkles and feathers caught my eye, I managed to be good and limited myself to one piece of gorgeousness.

With a tidal wave of statement rings hitting us at the moment, I liked how this was quirky but still dainty. I've been wearing it almost every day since I bought it and, being gold, it goes with so many outfits. The sale sticker said '£2.50' but when I got to the till, it turned out to be £1.50.

So all in all, a nice little haul wouldn't you agree?
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