28 January 2011

NOTD: Mad for Milan

Thanks to my busy life and strict rules at school, I only seem to paint my nails once in a blue moon. Tonight, there must be a blue moon in the sky! I got a No7 nail polish gift set from Santa and my favourite colour has to be Milan. I'm not usually much of a fan of pinks but I absolutely love the silvery tone to this polish and all the sparkles (cue candy, glitter and girly giggles!).
What do you girls think of No7 polishes?

1 comment:

The Girl Who Procrastinates said...

Well, I've always considered No7 as a middle age makeup range, and for those with a bigger disposable income then my student one - however, these look a bit younger and quirkier, so may have to give them ago (perhaps when the £5 voucher deal comes back to boots!)

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