4 February 2011

Look fancy in floral

Soon the dreary winter weather will begin to fade away and hopefully we will have a nice bit of sun and warmth. I think we all know the next few months aren't exactly going to be bikini-worthy but who says we can't get our floral gear out in preparation for summer?

I love this sundress from New Look and it's not too bright so, teamed with black tights, a cute cardi and maybe some brown brogues, it would be a great dress to wear as your wardrobe makes it's transition from winter to spring.

Image sourced from newlook.com

At £11.99, it's surprisingly inexpensive so you better head off to New Look pronto. Just make sure you leave one for me!


The Girl Who Procrastinates said...

Ahh I love this :)
I need something for my birthday dinner, but like to be able to dress it down with leggings and a cardigan for college afterwards, perhaps this is just the thing :)

Jade said...

OMG I just went and bought both of these. BAD INFLUENCE! haha


thefashionfreak said...

@The Girl Who Procrastinates - Glad you like it! Sounds like it would look great. Let me know what you wear in the end :D

@Jade Both?! What do you mean?

Miss EBlog said...

I've been looking at these, I think they are adorable! x

Jade said...

They had one in the floral you featured and another in white and navy, x

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