28 February 2011

Monday Madness - Week 5

The series started with a bang with these interesting looking heels from Topshop in Week 1.

ASOS disappointed us with this fringed number in Week 2.

Miss Selfridge was prepping us for Halloween a good few months too early for Week 3.

And naughty nautical got on my wick in Week 4!

It's Week 5 and as I know you girls love a bit of fashion, I thought I'd ask you to take the lead. Have you found something truly terrible whilst internet shopping recently? Still have a photo of that outfit you wish you never wore?

If the answer's yes or you think you could find something for a future Monday Madness, email me at claire.waterworth(at)hotmail.com or tweet me @cwaterworth and describe it, send me the link or write me a mini blogpost which I'll be sure to include!

Claire x

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