20 February 2011

Spring into Spring/Summer 2011

Spring is just within our grasp. Ironically, the top dogs of the fashion world (bloggers, journalists and designers alike) are currently immersed in the catwalk shows for Autumn/Winter 2011 so they're already one season ahead. I don't know about you lovely people, but although I am intrigued to know what has been and will be hitting the catwalk this week, right now I'm more focused on hitting the shops and getting my Spring/Summer wardrobe together!

I'm sure you've all been seeing Spring/Summer campaigns left, right and centre but, as The Fashion Freak, I feel duty-bound to give you a quick round up of the S/S 2011 trends and designers that caught my eye.

This season, there isn't a particular trend to follow as such. Admittedly it is not a 'no-trend trend' situation like we were faced with not long ago, but it seems the fashion industry is reminding us that fashion really isn't a one way street. This season's offerings seem incredibly, dare I say, fun!

One designer that stood out for me was Raf Simons for Jil Sander. Bright, eye-catching and oversized. Floor length neons, billowing skirts and bold floral dresses. I loved the big skirts and quirky floral, whilst the plain white and black tops helped tone down the blindingly-bright neons!

Unfortunately, I wasn't keen on the ruffles on the tops of some of the trousers as, although fun, they reminded me slightly of a clown's costume. Also, I didn't quite understand the bags - leather sacs and carrier bags. Can anyone enlighten me? Answers on a postcard... (or in the comments below!).

Prada also went for bright blocks of colour as well as equally bright stripes. I loved the black and pink skirt and matching clutch but that was about all I loved. I even spotted one look which resembled hospital scrubs.

If weird, wacky and wonderful isn't your thing then worry not. Calvin Klein, Chloe and 3.1 Phillip Lim all went for the clean, minimalist look. CK returned to some of the beige-y camel tones from A/W 2010 and although Franicisco Costa (of CK) has always been known for minimalism this was probably his most minimalistic yet. The long tulle skirts from Chloe conveyed a sense of innocence, looked beautiful and draped on the models' bodies so well. 3.1 Phillip Lim, like CK and Chloe, also went for browns and nudes but sky blues also made an appearance from time to time.

(Left to right: Calvin Klein, Chloe, 3.1 Phillip Lim)

Bright and bold. Pale and flowing. Tight and striped. Think of a combination and you'll probably find it somewhere this Spring/Summer.

As Spring unfolds, I'll be writing some blog posts on specific trends and will be searching high and low for high-street and designer items that fit these trends to give you all some ideas!

What do you think of the Spring/Summer trends and designers? What/who are your favourites? Comment below or tweet me @cwaterworth - I'd love to know!


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