4 March 2011

Dry winter lips, buzz off!

Enriching, hydrating and nourishing; the three words Burt's Bees use to describe their Mango Butter Lip Balm. And, after using this for a good few weeks, I would have to agree. No flashy ingredients or extravagant claims, just a rather yummy lip balm!

Excuse the Boots image - camera is dead as a dodo!

It is 100% natural, so no parabens or the like, and has a subtle mango scent which is strong enough to smell but not too overpowering. When I first used the balm, I noticed that, although soft, it is quite thin and I usually go for thicker, stickier balms (which my mum complains about when she borrows them!). But surprisingly, the balm lasted a good 40 minutes without budging and even then, my lips didn't feel bare. I'm sure you could go a couple of hours without reapplying but I'm a bit obsessive and like to reapply lip products quite regularly!

So, I'm impressed. I love the mango scent, whilst the soft texture makes for a rather nice application. It stayed on for a reasonable amount of time, and at £3.59 in Boots, it isn't too expensive for a Burt's Bees product.

Talking of Burt's Bees, when I was on the Boots website in search of the price, I also spotted their
Peach and Willowbark Deep Pore Scrub. Looks interesting and I fear I may soon be tempted....

Do you own this lip balm or any other Burt's products? Which are your favourites?

(I was sent the lip balm but this has in no way affected this blog post. It has been written in complete honesty!)


Erica said...

loooveee burts beees! i wana try their orange face wash its like a gel consistency sounds fab :) just followed hunnie x

stewartlord said...

I just bought this lippy a few days ago!! It's amazing! I usually buy the original one. I'm a big Burt's fan, I like the face wash, the Radiance line, the Momma Bee products and the Baby Wash. Oh so lovely! OXO Nat

Natalie Lord said...

Ooops, I left my comment with my Hubs google account, ha ha. Sorry Hubs.

thefashionfreak said...

@Erica I love it too :) Especially that it's 100% natural!

@Nat Ah don't worry, I get my comments emailed to me and I thought the whole Lord family was getting involved ;) I know! I love the smell :)


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