14 March 2011

Monday Madness - Week 7

Anyone for swimming? I remember when I was little and every Wednesday I would head off to swimming lessons. We all had to wear those rubber swimming hats that were always a little too big or a little too, well, little(!) for our heads. I remember standing in the changing rooms with my Mum, armed with talcum powder, ready to squeeze my neon pink rubber swimming hat onto me. 

When I saw this on the homepage of ASOS, all the memories came swimming back. Admittedly, mine lacked the cute flowers, but in this 'ASOS PREMIUM Flower Detail Hat', you probably wouldn't look too out of place in a swimming pool full of 8 year olds.

 So what do you girls think? Would you fork out £25 for this interesting piece of headgear?


Christina said...

This hat is absolutely adorable! I would love to wear this to the pool...
Great find!



kellyyes said...

i think only certain people would be able to pull off this hat! the model makes it look adorb. i personally think its super cute and springy

thefashionfreak said...

@Christina - Haha I'm sure you'd look fab ;)

@kellyeys - It's true. The model looks very cute!

Summer said...

lol the model makes it look cute but i'd look like side show bob! x

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