19 April 2011

Push PR Press Day (Part 1)

Last week, I attended the Push PR Press Day at the gorgeous Soho Hotel - the hotel is hidden away about 10 minutes from Oxford Street and you wouldn't even know it was a hotel, just walking past, but inside it is amazing!

The wonderful Push PR girls managed to squeeze Spring/Summer and Autumn/Winter collections from all their clients in the 2 rooms Push had taken over for the day. Everything was arranged beautifully and all their snacks were in LSA glassware (one of their clients of course!).

I expected all the clients to be fashion and clothing brands but LSA's products are so sleek that I can see why they fitted in so well with all the fashion stands around them. As soon as I saw them, 2 of my favourite things came to mind - food and fashion. First, I thought of course sweets and cakes and the like would look lovely in the different handmade jars, but I had another idea. I think the bonbon jar would be great for storing vintage silk scarves or you could sit a few of the condiment dishes on your dressing table and pop some cute rings in them. LSA glassware is available from John Lewis and House of Fraser.

One great brand which caught my eye was 18 AND EAST which launched only last year. They offer sweet vintage-inspired tops and dresses as well as more edgy piece for evenings perhaps. You can look at their S/S collection on their new site.

Another clothing line there was that of non other than Jasper Garvida. He won Project Catwalk back in 2008 and if you remember the pieces he created on the show, I can tell you that this colection is just as impressive. Eye-catching, expensive and elegant. Drool over his beautiful dresses here.

There was also a rail of gorgeous bright Gigi Vintage clothes and some vintage designer sunglasses! I'm a big fan of Gigi and you can read my blog post about them here.

For more on the Push PR Press Day and the companies featured, pop back over soon for Part 2!


Laura said...

The glass jars idea is really good! You're so lucky to have had the opportunity to attend, love the pics xx

jemmalouise said...

wow this sounds so fun girlie :) i met Jasper and he is so lovely, and his clothes are wonderful! Also loving Gigi vintage! Great post! x

Sheps said...

This is really cool, the Push girls just emailed me about an internship, I'd love to do this sort of stuff for them!


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