30 May 2011

Prom Prep: Powder

I know in summer, some girls like to avoid powder and go for dewy-looking skin, but if you want your makeup to last through a wedding or prom, I'd recommend loose powder just at the start of the day when you first apply your makeup to avoid looking oily and to keep your makeup in place for the day.

I use a loose Natural Collection one which is cheap as chips at £1.99 from Boots. The neutral translucent shade suits my skin quite well but I have to reapply it once during the day if I want it to really last. It's probably not the best powder out there but if you're on a low budget, go for this one.

I've had a few others but I none of them really stand out in my mind as brilliant use-for-your-prom ones.... I've used Natural Collection powder for years as it does the job and is great for my little budget but I think I might invest in a MAC Mineralize SkinFinish Natural. I'll let you know if I decide to part with the £18.50 or not!

If you use a translucent setting powder, it might be a good idea you give that one a miss for a prom or wedding as in photos, I've heard it can make you appear like someone has knocked a a bit of talcum powder in your face! Don't believe me? Have a look at this snap of Kidders....

25 May 2011

Glossy Box. Huh?

I'm kiddddddding! If you don't know what a Glossy Box is, I'm not quite sure where you've been this past month. Well, for any aliens that have popped over to visit the fashion freak, it's a rather glam box which arrives on your doorstep at the start of every month with 5 high-end hair/skin/beauty samples inside, in return for a rather reasonable £10. Works out at £2 per sample so as long as they don't start shrinking in size, I'd say it's well worth it if you have a tenner a month to spare!

This month we got: Bionova Cleanser (TINY BOTTLE!), NARS Illuminator in Orgasm, Alterma Caviar Anti-Aging Repair Spray, All For Eve Lipstick and COMO Shambhala Body Lotion. The NARS and the All About Eve lippy came in their full size which was impressive but I wonder if that was maybe as a special 'Thanks for subscribing to the first box' treat? Being the idiot I am, I managed to delete my photos of the products but I'm sure if you google 'Glossy Box May products' you'll get a fair few photos!

So far, I'm LOVING the lipstick and I'll probably be reviewing it soon. What was your favourite sample?

23 May 2011

NOTD: I'm a barbie girl (Nails Inc - Warwick Avenue)

A while ago, I won a Nails Inc polish from Chic Beauty Blog's giveaway. I chose Warwick Avenue and I absolutely love it. It's a gorgeous light baby pink and it is perfectly opaque after just 2 coats. As you know, I like a bit of sparkle so I decided to add a layer of Kaleidoscope by Wet N Wild which is a clear polish with lots of silver glitter. It's cheering me up as I battle through all my revision!

What nail decoration are girls liking at the moment?

18 May 2011

Prom Prep: Foundation

My GOSH X-Ceptional foundation which I wear in '16 Golden' is currently my favourite foundation and it would be great for prom as it applies smoothly and lasts for the whole day or night and has a good medium to full coverage, but without becoming cakey. I've had a lot of my friends compliment me on my makeup since I've been using this so it must be doing something right! Need to get my hands on another tube though; almost out as I've been wearing it everyday!

GOSH, No7, myfacecosmetics

Another great foundation which I've only recently come across is the MyMix foundation from myfacecosmetics. Although I usually would have gone for a shade from the 'Light' section, I went to the 'Medium' this time as I wanted to get a slightly darker foundation to match to my tan that I will hopefully have for prom. The first day after I had fake-tanned, I used it on its own and I was pretty impressed. After swatching a little bit on my hand, I expected it to be quite dewy and thin but in fact, with a little bit of powder on top, it gave quite a matte finish and it lasted for most of the day. Even with my tan, it was a touch too dark for me so for the next few tanned days, I mixed it with my GOSH one and my skin looked really good - if I may say so!

My friend was wearing Rimmel 25 Lasting Finish the other day and I thought it made her skin look great. But 25 hours?! That's a bit of a tall order isn't it? Even if it lasts for half the time it claims, I'd be impressed, but I am worried it may be rather cakey. If I buy it, I will make sure I post a little review.

I've heard some good things about the Revlon Photo Ready foundation and also their Colour Stay foundation so I'm also rather tempted to one of them a go.

If you're really not a foundation girl, then I'd go for No7 Dual Protection tinted moisturiser; on its own if you really don't want much on your face, or mixed in with one of the foundations I've already mentioned for some extra coverage. It's £12 but despite the thin-looking tube, it lasts for months!

Have you tried any of the foundations I've mentioned? Do you know of any that would last for the entire evening and look good in photos?

14 May 2011

Pretty purple eyes

This is from what was supposed to be a no-makeup day but I got a bit bored and had a play with some of my Wet N Wild eyeshadows. I own a few of their shadows after a major online spree a few months ago but I think my favourite right now would have to be the 'Lilac and Violet' duo.

Excuse the lack of makeup on the rest of my face!

As you can see in the photo below, it comes with one of those plastic double ended applicators but I don't use it - I use my H&M brush which I reviewed here.

I got my Wet N Wild products when there was a UK site which seems to have disappeared but (correct me if I'm wrong) I think you can find Wet N Wild products in big Tescos.

Do you own any Wet N Wild products? If you do, which is your favourite?

8 May 2011

Prom Prep: Base/Primer

As most of you will probably know, no matter if your foundation is £5 or £50, applying a primer beforehand will help it last a whole lot longer. Not only does it help your foundation last longer, but it also evens out your skin which then obviously gives a more even and polished finish.

I have the MAC Mattifying primer and a mini Smashbox Photo Finish primer but they are both rather pricey and not as creamy. As higher-end brands (well to me they are!), I expected them to help my face makeup stay on for much longer than they did and I was pretty disappointed.

One that really hasn't let me down is the 'anti-blemish skin clearing primer' from Witch. I haven't really noticed whether or not it has affected the amount of blemishes I have but let's face it, as a teenager so no matter how many anti-blemish products I apply, I'm still bound to have spots. But the real question is whether it works as a primer or not and it's a definite thumbs-up from me. It is very creamy and creates a gorgeously smooth base for my foundations and really does look better than when I just wear foundation on its own.

The pump doesn't let loads of unwanted product out and you only need a little more than a 5p-sized blob to cover your T-zone. There is also a little clear section at the side of the bottle so you can see how much you've got left so you'll never be left primerless!

If I apply it at say 9 in the morning, it's still there at 5,6,7 in the evening so it obviously does it's job. You get 30ml for around £5 and unless some magical primer pops into my life, I will almost definitely be using this as my face primer for prom!

1 May 2011

Super, Skinny and Relaxed

I'll always remember when I was younger and on special occasions, my Mum would let me use a little dollop of whatever Paul Mitchell product she was using at the time, on my hair. Ever since then, there has always been a place in my heart for Paul Mitchell.

For the last few weeks, I have been giving the Super Skinny Relaxing Balm from the Smoothing range a go. It claims to help 'smooth every strand, seal the cuticle and lock out frizz'. At £14.65 for a bottle, I wanted to make sure it really did what it claimed and I'm happy to say that it really does work.

I use 2 pumps of this after every hairwash and it makes my hair much more smooth and so much easier to work with. Unfortunately my natural hair is incredibly fluffy and frizzy (think back-combed afro), particularly after blow-drying it but with this, the actual process of blow-drying is much quicker and once dry, my hair is then far easier to straighten. It would usually take a good half hour to straighten my hair before I go out but the balm does a lot of work for me so much hair is already much smoother before I have even got my hands on my straighteners!

Of course, as someone with naturally fluffy hair, I don't turn the hair-dryer off having using this, look in the mirror and see ridiculously sleek, straight hair. But this really does smooth down my hair and saves me a lot of time when it comes to blow-drying and straightening. The apple/citrus scent reminds me of how my hair smells like when I walk out of the hairdressers and as well as being much smoother, I've also noticed that my split-ends are much less noticeable.

I have to say, this has been the best product I have used all month and I will definitely be going back for more!

If you didn't already know, genuine Paul Mitchell products are only available at selected salons so ring 08456 590012 to find your nearest stockist to avoid fakes!
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