8 May 2011

Prom Prep: Base/Primer

As most of you will probably know, no matter if your foundation is £5 or £50, applying a primer beforehand will help it last a whole lot longer. Not only does it help your foundation last longer, but it also evens out your skin which then obviously gives a more even and polished finish.

I have the MAC Mattifying primer and a mini Smashbox Photo Finish primer but they are both rather pricey and not as creamy. As higher-end brands (well to me they are!), I expected them to help my face makeup stay on for much longer than they did and I was pretty disappointed.

One that really hasn't let me down is the 'anti-blemish skin clearing primer' from Witch. I haven't really noticed whether or not it has affected the amount of blemishes I have but let's face it, as a teenager so no matter how many anti-blemish products I apply, I'm still bound to have spots. But the real question is whether it works as a primer or not and it's a definite thumbs-up from me. It is very creamy and creates a gorgeously smooth base for my foundations and really does look better than when I just wear foundation on its own.

The pump doesn't let loads of unwanted product out and you only need a little more than a 5p-sized blob to cover your T-zone. There is also a little clear section at the side of the bottle so you can see how much you've got left so you'll never be left primerless!

If I apply it at say 9 in the morning, it's still there at 5,6,7 in the evening so it obviously does it's job. You get 30ml for around £5 and unless some magical primer pops into my life, I will almost definitely be using this as my face primer for prom!


Miss EBlog said...

I like the sounds of this :) it combines 2 products I use before applying my foundation, it be handy to have it in 1 product xx

thefashionfreak said...

You should try it! Especially as it's not pricey :) xx

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