18 May 2011

Prom Prep: Foundation

My GOSH X-Ceptional foundation which I wear in '16 Golden' is currently my favourite foundation and it would be great for prom as it applies smoothly and lasts for the whole day or night and has a good medium to full coverage, but without becoming cakey. I've had a lot of my friends compliment me on my makeup since I've been using this so it must be doing something right! Need to get my hands on another tube though; almost out as I've been wearing it everyday!

GOSH, No7, myfacecosmetics

Another great foundation which I've only recently come across is the MyMix foundation from myfacecosmetics. Although I usually would have gone for a shade from the 'Light' section, I went to the 'Medium' this time as I wanted to get a slightly darker foundation to match to my tan that I will hopefully have for prom. The first day after I had fake-tanned, I used it on its own and I was pretty impressed. After swatching a little bit on my hand, I expected it to be quite dewy and thin but in fact, with a little bit of powder on top, it gave quite a matte finish and it lasted for most of the day. Even with my tan, it was a touch too dark for me so for the next few tanned days, I mixed it with my GOSH one and my skin looked really good - if I may say so!

My friend was wearing Rimmel 25 Lasting Finish the other day and I thought it made her skin look great. But 25 hours?! That's a bit of a tall order isn't it? Even if it lasts for half the time it claims, I'd be impressed, but I am worried it may be rather cakey. If I buy it, I will make sure I post a little review.

I've heard some good things about the Revlon Photo Ready foundation and also their Colour Stay foundation so I'm also rather tempted to one of them a go.

If you're really not a foundation girl, then I'd go for No7 Dual Protection tinted moisturiser; on its own if you really don't want much on your face, or mixed in with one of the foundations I've already mentioned for some extra coverage. It's £12 but despite the thin-looking tube, it lasts for months!

Have you tried any of the foundations I've mentioned? Do you know of any that would last for the entire evening and look good in photos?


Lola Rose said...

The Rimmel 25 hour is really really good - I've done a review on it here http://inaperfectbeautyworld.blogspot.com/2011/04/rimmel-lasting-finish-25-hour.html I really like it - although I couldn't say if it last 25 hours ha! I've never tried the gosh one - may be next on my list!


jaljen said...

I think you may need to touch up with powder or use rice-powder papers to blot any excess shine.

I'm a huge fan of matte foundations and like a powdery finish but nothing lasts a working day. And I've been looking for 40 years!

thefashionfreak said...

@Lola Rose - I think I'm going to give it a go!

@jaljen - Oh dear! Well, hopefully I'll find a good mix of products! I'm definitely going to get some blotting sheets.

Claire xx

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