11 June 2011

Bite me

I was recently sent six of the seven lipstains and balms from Revlon's new Just Bitten range (you've seen the interesting 'Have you been bitten?' TV ad haven't you?) and I couldn't wait to steal borrow my dad's camera to take some photos and write this review for you!

Left to right: Gothic/Beloved/Forbidden/Frenzy/Passion/Flame

The lipstain applicator is like a thick felt-tip pen which, although is a little rough on the lips, makes for very easy and neat application. But ladies, it is a lipstain so please don't attempt to apply this on a bustling tube or bumpy bus. You have been warned!

I love that they have included a balm. A slick of the balm is good as an even base for the colour and also, as the stain is rather drying, it helps add a bit of moisture and gloss. If you're trying to be savvy and organised or just don't have much space in your make-up bag, I also think that the balm could be could for taming brows, but it seems to be very fragile so be careful when you pop the lid back on. I snapped one of the balms right off, not knowing how fragile and easily meltable they are!

My two favourites of the six shades I have are probably Passion and Gothic, with Flame in at a close third place. Passion is a barbie pink and although the packaging is bright, it is probably one of the most wearable. It makes a nice change to the common bright red lipstains.

But, I must admit, I do like a good bright red lipstain! And Gothic is a gorgeous deep red.

I took these two photos minus the balm just so that you can see the true colour.

So, the colours are all very pigmented and covered my natural lip colour well. So far, the stains I have tried seem to stay fullly-on for a good 4 hours before beginning to fade which, although isn't all day, is much longer than a normal lipstick would.

They are currently £5.99 in Boots, an average price for Revlon, which I'd say is reasonable considering the pigmentation and good staying-power. I'm just interested to see how long the lipstain 'pens' last as unlike a lipstick, there's no way of telling when it's going to conk out on you.

So, I'd go and pick one up if you've got £5.99 to spare but remember, don't apply it on public transport! Unless you've got a steady hand or you fancy the vampire blood-dripping-down-chin look!


Aisling said...

I had been debating whether to get Passion, and as my local Superdrug didn't have a tester (how annoying is that?!) so I passed on it. After seeing your post I will definitely be going out to get one, thanks!! x

thefashionfreak said...

That's not cool... But great! I'm glad I've helped :D xx

jaljen said...

I had one of these in a roller-ball applicator and it did stain. Not very controllable in that formulation I don't want to spend £6 on Revlon for some reason though....

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