15 June 2011

Geek Chic

Today has been a busy day! Along with the million and one other things I had to do, I made it my aim to sort out all things geeky. We got the wi-fi router at home up and running which now means that The Fashion Freak has gone portable; I can now finally use my laptop which has been sat collecting dust for the last 6 months!

A photo of me from my GCSE Art project which I thought was rather fitting for today!

I also got my domain name sorted. Being an idiot, a few weeks ago, I decided that buying a domain through Google was too pricey and restricting, when infact being a complete techno-fail, it would have been a rather good idea. Instead, I used a private domain name site and probably ended up spending more money than I would have done with Google! Linking the new URL with Blogger/Google was all rather confusing, but we got there in the end!

So that's that. I am officially http://www.thefashionfreak.co.uk/!


jemmalouise said...

awesome, I will get around to buying mine at some point! x

jaljen said...

The poster girl for geekdom! So cute!

thefashionfreak said...

@jemmalouise You should! But I'd definitely recommend buying it from Google. Saves so much hassle!!

@jaljen Haha! I'll take that as a compliment shall I? ;)

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