20 June 2011

Prom Prep: Blusher/Bronzer

I must admit, I'm really not much of a blusher girl. Ever since I was little I've been stuck blessed with very red, rosy cheeks so I never really felt much of a need for blusher so I've avoided it at all costs. Now though, my bright cheeks have toned down a bit and my foundation covers most of the colour up anyway. As I've got more into makeup, I've started to experiment and now, as prom gets ever-closer, I thought it might be time to give blusher another chance.

I rather like my myfacecosmetics blush in Lady Monaco - a lovely girly pink colour. It is really pigmented but it blends really well and has a lovely silky feel. Unfortunately, It comes with a terribly cheap brush which, although may be useful on the go, is an odd thin shape so stick with a normal shaped blusher brush - Charli found a great inexpensive one which you can read about here! But overall, the acutally blusher, which is £9.99 is lovely.

I'm really into cream products at the moment and both Topshop and Maybelline do some gorgeous cream blushes.

I've heard (and seen) great things about the Nars Laguna bronzer and there is also a cheapy version from Sleek which seems quite popular; these are matte ones. However, I love shimmery bronzers in summer and Natural Collection do a gorgeous one for £1.99.

Natural Collection bronzer in Golden Glow


jaljen said...

Hm, I too have rosy cheeks and I spend so much time putting stuff over them to conceal the redness that it seems silly to add it back!

So I very rarely do even though there are some pretty colours about...

The Girl Who Procrastinates said...

I can't remember if you've done a post before about this but I was wondering what foundation do you use?
My skin tone is not a million miles from yours but it still has the reminder of my childhood freckles here and there - any ideas? :)

Charli! said...

Thanks for the mention sweetie! I love the blusher, looks gorgeous! xxx

thefashionfreak said...

@jaljen - Mmm same. But for prom I thought I'd treat myself to a pretty colour! Hehe!

@The Girl Who Procrastinates - Here it is!http://www.thefashionfreak.co.uk/2011/05/prom-prep-foundation.html

The GOSH one is probably my favourite. Let me know if you'd like any more info :)

@Charli! - That's okay!

Claire xxx

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