17 June 2011

Week In Photos #1

[01] I turned 16 on the 10th and me and my friends went out for dinner. We had a lovely time. I'll be posting some more photos later on!
[02] My NAKED palette is possibly one of my best makeup purchases ever and I've been wearing it non-stop this week.
[03] I bought these cute bug earrings from H&M - at £3.99, I couldn't resist.
[04] I renamed my tumblr and I made a little logo to celebrate. You can see my tumblr here.
[05] It's been raining half the bloomin' time where I am and I found this photo on my computer from Spring and it just seems so weird how lovely the weather was then and how yukky the weather is being in what is supposed to be the height of summer!
[06] The new Lee Stafford Deep Nourishing Treatment is doing wonders for my dead old hair. Look out for a review.
[07] I've been wearing Revlon's Pretty in Papaya on my toes for a good 2 weeks and it's still looking good as new!

What do you think about doing 'Week in Photos' posts? Would you like to see more?


liloo said...

these bug earrings are awesome!! xx

Anonymous said...

i love this! keep doing them :) emma x

Michelle said...

Awh I hope you had the best birthday Claire! All looking lovely in the photo (: I got the Naked palette this week too, best beauty purchase I have made in a long, long time. I love reading Week in Photos posts, I'm such a nosy one! xx

thefashionfreak said...

@liloo - Aren't they?! I love them!

@emma - Yay! I'll try ;)

@Michelle - I really did thank you! Awh thanks :) And yes! Same! And it works out such good value too!

Claire xxx

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