26 August 2011

Festival Fluorescents

V Fest may be over for this year but there's still Reading and Leeds, Creamfields and Brownstock for any of you festival-goers out there to look forward to. If you are into music festivals or you just like festival fashion, you'll know that they're a great excuse to go all out. Huge boots, tiny dresses, funky patterns and of course bright colours. If you can't afford a whole new festival wardrobe, or you aren't hitting any festivals this year, then why not go for some bright, outlandish makeup instead?

If I want some cheap bright makeup, W7 is usually the brand I turn to.

Left to right: Pink Paradise, Fluorescent Yellow, Orange Creme

Their nail polishes will give you a nice bit of change from a fiver and they last for a ridiculously long time, considering the cost - after 4 days, I only had a tiny bit of chipping at the tips of my nails. Not only that, but they also dry super quickly too.

I was in a bit of a rush so my application was rather sloppy, hence the nice bumpy orange nail!

But if you want to go really crazy, then head for the W7 eyelashes, like this crazy pink and black spotty pair. Unfortunately, I've only got as far as taking some photos of these. I'm not quite brave enough to actually wear them yet!

I see a lot of W7 products in New Look stores but you can also get hold of what's seems to be the entire W7 range at www.faithcosmetics.co.uk.

So if you're off to Reading festival this weekend, enjoy! And don't forget some eyelashes!!

1 comment:

Christine Iversen said...

Those nail polishes look awesome, I love bright colors :)

Love Christine ♥

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