22 August 2011

Prada on the cheap

I popped into Zara when I was in Cannes the other week as I noticed a huge red 'SOLDES' sign and just couldn't resist.

They had loads of gorgeous dresses and corset tops but unfortunately none of my favourites were in my size. But I did pick up a hot pink slouchy jumper for 10 euros which isn't particularly great for summer but I'm sure will look rather cute and retro in the chillier months.

While I was there I also spotted a great triangle bikini in the sale (again only tiny and huge sizes left) which really reminded me of the bold stripes we saw on the catwalk at the Prada show this Spring/Summer. I couldn't find the bikinis on the website but it may be worth having a quick look in store if they still have a few sale rails left!

Images sourced from www.zara.com

1 comment:

Bellena classified said...

The greens are a clashin’, the shaft is too lose and the price is certainly obscenely high. Looks like a bad trip back from the go-go dancing 60s.

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