19 August 2011

Say hello to Thelma

I know this post is a little picture-heavy but I just think my little bracelet is so cute and dainty, it doesn't need much explanation. A month or so ago, the lovely Emily from Ruby and Rose Jewellery sent me this this little beauty which goes by the name of 'Floral Thelma', reflecting my current love for vintage, granny-chic, perfectly. It came wonderfully, but simply, packaged and whenever I wear 'Thelma' I feel rather dainty and graceful! Hehe!

Admittely, not all the pieces are quite to my taste but they are all wonderfully cute and handmade by the lovely mother and daughter duo, Marion Paterson and Emily McIntyre and aren't too pricey either.

So if you fancy some cutesy jewellery made by some lovely Scottish ladies (who are so lovely and fantastic that they've had their jewellery featured in mags like Vogue and Tatler!), do pop over to their website and have a browse.

P.S. After writing this, I've noticed that my bracelet seems to have disappeared from the Bracelet section of the R&R site but they still have lots of other lovely ones left for you all!

1 comment:

Laura said...

This is gorgeous! x

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