28 November 2011

You're like a rare vintage ripple

For all you vintage lovers out there, there's 20% of everything on the Gigi Vintage website until midnight tonight! Just use the code CYBERMON11 at the checkout.

My debit card seems to have gone awol, which is probably for the best considering my spending habits, but I thought I'd share some of my favourite Gigi items with you. Remember, everything's a one-off find so once it's gone it's gone!

27 November 2011

Cover me in Diamonds

If you follow me on Twitter, you'll know that I'm rather snowed under with A Level work at the moment and will be for a while as I have my exams in January! This has meant that I've blogging on The Fashion Freak a whole lot less than I'd like :(

But I thought I'd let you know that I update my Tumblr blog 'Cover me in Diamonds' every single day if you fancy a daily fashion fix. Click the photo below and it'll take you straight there!

21 November 2011

Lash extensions at Boudoir Lashes!

Last weekend, I took a quick trip up to London to visit to Boudoir Lashes at Becca Boutique, a stone's throw away from South Kensington tube station and had my little old lashes transformed!

I love big lashes. I coat mine in layers and layers of mascara and if I could (money and getting-ready-in-the-morning time permitting), I would probably wear huge false eyelashes everyday! So when Asma Docrat, the lovely lady who owns Boudoir Lashes asked if I wanted to try lash extensions, I was at the tube station in a flash. (Not quite, but I was very excited!)

I arrived at the 'Boutique' along Pelham Street and met Asma, who explained the whole process to me and gave me a disclaimer to sign. We then discussed how I wanted my lashes to look and once we'd decided, Asma showed me to the therapy table and got to work.

First she taped down my lower lashes with Micropore - this is done to avoid any sticky situations, keeping the glue used on the top lashes, away from the lower ones. I must admit, I was prepared for the whole experience to be painful and traumatic but it was all fine! My eyes felt a little dry, but a couple of minutes, I'd already forgotten about the Micropore.

I then closed my eyes and Asma began the meticulous task of apply the lash extensions, one lash at a time. She was lovely and chatty and the hour and a half flew by!

The treatment, which is currently £60 until December 30th, involves the application individual synthetic lashes to your own lashes using super strong Novalash glue and so long as you follow the simple aftercare advice, they should last for around 4 weeks. Mine have been on for just over a week, and although a couple of lashes have fallen out, they're still looking good as new.



If you have a special occasion coming up or are escaping the British weather for a sunny holiday, I would really recommend individual lash extensions. They are noticeable (cue the numerous "Wow, your eyelashes have got so long!" comments) but still natural-looking and the joy not having to scrub off all my layers of mascara every night brings, is a good enough reason on it's own!!

Applied free for consideration and review

6 November 2011

Ring a ding ding ding

My love for Miss Selfridge jewellery will never fade. Especially if they keep on luring me in with all their sales!

I got picked up these two which I loved so much that I would have paid the full prices (£12.50 and £7.50) had I seen them earlier and of course, at £2 each, it would have been rude not to.
These semi-precious stone style rings are still really popular at the moment and I just loved how huge the 'stone' was and the rustic silver detailing on the edges.

Then the little wing one is so intricate and dainty - makes a nice change to the usual knuckleduster-style rings that tend to adorn my fingers.

What do you think? Do you like the DIVA jewellery range at Miss Selfridge?
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