9 November 2012

Batiste Wild Party Trio

Just when I thought Batiste couldn't get any further into my good books, they've created this trio of dry-shampoo-goodness! There's two new additions, Mamba and Savanna, as well as my all-time favourite Wild. Let's be honest, put something leopard print in a pack and there's a 99% chance I'll buy it. As you'd expect, the mini cans have the typical Batiste formula and are great for revitalising hair or even to add a bit of volume halfway through the day or before a night out.

Perfect as a little Christmas gift, to keep you going through the Christmas-party season or just as a cheeky present to yourself! Go on, it has been a hard old month so far hasn't it?

In Boots stores til December, at £4.99, this cute little trio doesn't break the bank and what's more, there's a chance to win a £300 Motel Rocks voucher as well as an automatic 20% code with every pack!

30 September 2012

Fortnight in Photos #6

In the Glam Media suite at LFW/Healthy popcorn/My LFW pass
Fry up to prepare me for another uni open day/Dinner at Pizza Express/Feeling all arty in the common room
Finale at Fashion Shenzhen/Glitter nails courtesy of Models Own (as per)/Hot chocolate before another uni open day

Despite having a million and one things to do, the past two weeks have been amazing. In between a sprinkling of open days and lots of rushing around at sixth form, I went up to London Fashion Week; saw some gorgeous SS13 clothes, some fantastic people and a whole load of mindblowing street style. If there's anywhere to get some fashion inspiration, it's fashion week.

I waved goodbye to lots of my friends heading off to uni which has got me even more nervous/worried/excited for the fact that this time next year, (hopefully) that'll be me. With so much work to do, I'm surprised I'm not pulling my hair out all day everyday with the stress of it all but I think I'm still in a good mood from all the excitement of the past few weeks!

Autumn seems to be the season for all my friends' birthdays so luckily for me, for the next few months, there isn't an empty Saturday night in sight! The only downside - my bank balance is dwindling and fast. Any good money making schemes anyone?!

27 September 2012

OOTD: London Fashion Week SS13

Jumper - Pimkie (France) | Skirt - River Island | Tights - Primark | Socks - ASOS | Boots - Dr Martens | Bag - Select Fashion | Scarf - Texto (France) | Necklace - Topshop | Bracelet - ASOS
On Monday of LFW, I dashed off from sixth form, on to a train and up to Freemason's Hall for the Fashion Shenzhen SS13 show which I blogged about early this week. After a bit of rushing around and a gorgeous array of colours, textures and trends at the Fashion Shenzhen show and meeting up with fellow fashion blogger Maria, I spotted off for an obligatory 'Outfit of the Day' session before heading off to the Glam Media suite, just round the corner from Somerset House, for a much-needed rest and a chance to chat with other bloggers and journalists at LFW, including my lovely blogger-friend Jai'me from Boy Meets Fashion! *Cue photo of me looking horrifically worn-out*

With Monday almost over, we just had time to pop back to Somerset House to have a wander round and make it to the Felicities exhibition before heading home to normal non-LFW life! Boooo hooooo.

I had such a fantastic taste of fashion week this year and cannot wait for next season to come around!

23 September 2012

Skincare Routine | TheFashionFreakUK

I recently filmed a skincare video on my youtube channel and I thought today I would share it with you all on my blog for those of you who are interested in seeing my current skincare regime. After filming it, I realised that it's pretty simple and only involves a few steps but at the moment it is what works for me so I'm not complaining! I'm always on the look out for new promising products so tend to chop and change quite a lot but the products I mention in the video are trusty ones that remain the basis of my skincare routine even if I'm experimenting with other products too. Hope you enjoy and please do let me know if there are any skincare products that you would really recommend!

All the products mentioned!
Vichy 3 in 1 Cleanser/Scrub/Mask (£11)
Yves Rocher Serum Vegetal (£19)
Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish (£12.75 for 100ml)
Witch Cleansing and Toning Wipes (£2.99)
Witch Blemish Gel (£3.29)
Witch Skin Clearing Primer (£6.99)
BECCA Shimmering Skin Perfector (£33)
Rimmel Stay Matte (£3.99)

20 September 2012

Fashion Shenzhen at London Fashion Week SS13

During London Fashion Week, I was invited by The Body Shop to attend the Fashion Shenzhen show as part of Vauxhall Fashion Scout. Excited to experience a taste of China's offerings for SS13, I headed over to Freemason's Hall - not too far from Somerset House - and met up with fellow blogger Maria to watch the show. Having showcased designers based in what is set to become China's 'fashion and creative capital' at London Fashion Week for five years now, this time around, Fashion Shenzhen had two new designers to bring to it's London audience.

The first collection on the catwalk was that of AUM - a brand headed by Michelle Shimin Yu whose designs explore the simplicity of Buddhist style. As expected, the collection proved simplistic and casual, whilst Yu' fabric choices were all very Friends of the Earth. The linen dresses and deconstructed dungarees created a laid back and carefree look, with the flashes of hot pink and lime green adding a lovely touch of femininity. Not quite my usual style but the collection definitely reminded that the 'less is more' mantra can indeed be true.

FASHION NOTES: Earthy tones, cottons and linens, splashes of colour and flatforms a plenty.

BEAUTY NOTES: Sleek plaits from the nape of the neck, dewy skin, nude lips and natural brows.

The second half of the show displayed what Yang Fan, head designer for Mascot, has to offer us for SS13. We were treated to unbelievably sophisticated pieces incorporating breathtakingly bright shades, a huge variety of textures as well as a generous dash of traditional Chinese culture.

FASHION NOTES: Bright is best, flowing satins, billowing dresses, oriental detailing and unusual texture.

BEAUTY NOTES: Sleek and twisted updos, natural brows, bright lips and again, wonderfully glowing skin. With The Body Shop sponsoring all the VFS shows, there's no doubt the makeup artists backstage had been covering the models with Body Shop natural skincare to go alongside the shimmered highlight, touch of foundation and light contouring used to create such flawless summer skin.

Fashion Shenzhen - a concept, a city and a collection designers all new to me. However, the breathtaking detailing and shapes from Mascot and relaxed yet feminine silhouettes from AUM surpassed my expectations and have definitely got me excited for SS13!

16 September 2012

Fortnight In Photos #5

 Flicking through the Urban Outfitters mag/Ridiculously cute nails courtesy of Skin Art Nail Tattoos/Watercolour portrait of my friend Charlotte and I at Fashion's Night Out
 Working on my personal statement and doing some French reading/Quite possibly the cutest dog alive/My new (unbelievably high) Charlotte Olympia-esque heels

Drink of choice while waiting for the train/Goodybag from the launch of the Eley Kishimoto SS13 exhibition/Planning my journey for LFW part deux

The last fortnight has been rather lovely. For a start, my nails have been beautiful throughout thanks to the wonders of nail tattoos, which I will be blogging about in more detail very soon. My trip up to London for Fashion's Night Out was also most definitely a highlight, a chance for some late-night shopping as well as a browse of the Thomas Lyte AW12 collection, however it wasn't long before I trudged back to normal teenage living as it's been uni-a-go-go. I've been booking open days and working on my personal statement which, if you've never written one before, is like writing a CV but somehow ending up sounding about 46876291 times more snobby as you go on and on about how amazing you are.

I treated myself to some gorgeous new shoes - horrendously difficult to walk in but gorgeous none the less - and also headed up to London again for the launch night for the LFW Eley Kishimoto exhibition. It was a wonderful event and the exhibition was very intriguing. More on that soon! I'm headed up to London again tomorrow (I'm a lucky girl) for a Vauxhall Fashion Scout SS13 show and I cannot wait to report back!

Hope you're all well! Have you been following the London Fashion Week action?!

13 September 2012

AW12 at Thomas Lyte

As part of Fashion's Night Out, I was invited along to Thomas Lyte in the Burlington Arcade - quite possibly the quaintest parade of shops I have ever seen. Greeted with a glass of champagne, a rather tempting tray of cupcakes and rows of gorgeous leather bags - I knew I wasn't going to be leaving for a while.

The first bag I spotted was the Eliza Grained Leather Handbag, which I later found out is named after Elizabeth Bennet of Pride and Prejudice - one of my favourite books. It was destiny, so of course, it was only right for me to try it for size. It is so well structured and has such luxurious textures; it's no wonder it's one of the brand's bestsellers. At £895, it's an investment but arguably, a very good one.

After a wander round the three decadent floors of hand-crafted Thomas Lyte leather, with a shopping list the length of my arm, my friend Charlotte and I sat down with Jio Suzanne Fish, a wonderful watercolour artist who painted an amazing portrait of the two of us, which now takes pride of place on my dressing table. Not only was this a good time to give our feet a rest (cobbled streets + Litas = not a great mix), but it also gave me a chance to brainstorm excuses to tell myself the shop assistant, when the day comes that I am able to buy the Men's Kenley Day Bag. It's on the men's floor but believe me ladies, when you see it and touch it, you'll want it too.

With every item traditionally hand-crafted in Britain, the Thomas Lyte bags are perfectly-formed and of beautiful quality, whilst the signature silver locks and quirky embossing add a real contempory twist. This year, the AW collection, made with the same care and precision as every season, exudes elegance and style. Come the winter months, one thing's for sure, I most definitely want to be a Thomas Lyte girl.

7 September 2012

Outfit of the Day - Fashion's Night Out 2012

Denim shirt - Topshop
Skirt - New LookShoes - Shoe shop near Covent Garden!
Bracelet - ASOS
Bag - Select Fashion
Scarf - Texto (France)
Nails - OPI Nothin' Mousie 'Bout It + Skin Art Nail Tattoos*
Last night saw cities across the world burst into life for Fashion's Night Out. Milan, Paris, New York and of course London were all part of the action and so was I. There were celebs, champagne and plenty of late night shopping, all of which I'll be blogging about very soon indeed, but for now, I thought I'd share my choice of garms for the night!
I wore my MOTO shirt from Topshop; it's a gorgeous vibrant colour and I find it works so well with so many outfit combinations. A definite wardrobe essential. I just had it roughly tucked in to my sheer black New Look skirt, which added a bit more of a glamorous edge. The fabric is so pretty and delicate and to be honest, makes me feel like Essex's answer to Marilyn Monroe when it billows in the wind. Simple things....
My shoes, as much as I love them, were not quite as comfortable as I had hoped they would be (I really should have planned ahead and worn some chunky socks) so later on in the evening in Forever 21, when I spotted a pair of leopard print flats for £10, I grabbed them (and paid obviously) as soon as I could and did a quick shoe change which my feet most definitely appreciated.
My favourite part of this outfit by far is my nails - quite possibly the epitome of girlyness. I ordered the OPI polish online recently on a lazy chocolate-eating day and I've been wearing it again and again since the day it arrived. And the same goes for the nail tattoos which I was sent to try out. With 60 different 'tattoos', boy have I been experimenting?! I'll be writing all about them soon too so stay tuned!
Did you go to Fashion's Night Out? Are you planning on going next year? Let me know - I'd love to hear what you thought about it!

2 September 2012

Fortnight In Photos #4

Ticket for V Fest/Waiting for my plane to France/Can of Batiste looking cute
 Postbox red nails/Skull-print scarf/Trying on peplums in New Look
 OMG mug from Urban Outfitters/Best crisps ever/My friend's bedroom wallpaper
 Being immature/Pink nails from the OPI Minnie Mouse collection/Pretty cat outside my house
 Spike bracelet from ASOS/Miguel at the iTunes Festival

It's been the summer holidays for me for the last few weeks and I've managed to squeeze in quite a lot! I had an amazing time at V Festival and somehow managed to get through the 4 showerless days and 3 nights of camping in quite possibly the tiniest tent ever made, pretty easily indeed. Seeing Professor Green was definitely my highlight, possibly because I just felt really cool that I knew all the words to every song in his set....

After my stint at V, I was lucky enough to stay with my friend in France. The weather was amazing - no knitwear in sight! Not only was it nice to catch up with my friend and enjoy some proper sun (English weather, sort yourself out), but my petit séjour also gave me a chance to brush up on my French before I embark on my final year of sixth form. One more year wooooooo!

Talking of sixth-form, last month there was also the dreaded Results Day. With uni not far away now, on the way to pick up my AS results, the fact that these grades are actually quite important, finally kicked in and I don't think I have ever been so nervous! Luckily, my hard work paid off (remember all those moany/depressive tweets, yeah that was when the 'hard work' was happening; I got AABC and an A in General Studies! Relieved doesn't even cover it.

I hope you've all had a lovely summer and if you received your results, that you got what you were hoping for! I've been trying hard to find more time recently to sit and read my favourite blogs as well as find new ones that take my fancy which has also really kept my own blogging spirit up, which means a lot more Fashion Freak coming your way!  Thanks for reading xxx

29 August 2012

McQueen at Matches

For some it's a pair of red-soled Louboutins, for others it's that famous Mulberry Alexa but for me, that one thing that I cannot wait to be able to buy is a McQueen dress. For years, I would flick through magazines and stare at the catwalk coverage of Alexander McQueen in awe; and now with Sarah Burton at the reins of the famous British brand, it's no different. In fact after that stunning Royal Wedding dress, I may have fallen even more hopelessly in love with the brand.

Which is perhaps why recently, I've found myself browsing the
Matches site a whole lot more than is probably healthy. With pages and pages of bags, bracelets, dresses and more, there's enough McQueen to last you a lifetime. Or a season, at least!

I am almost infatuated with this wonderfully-opulent pleated chiffon gown in a fuchsia pink which somehow manages to be both feminine and gothic. Typical McQueen, how do they do it? With my final leavers prom not too far away, I am genuinely tempted to save up.

Another equally feminine but slightly more wearable piece I've spotted on the Matches site is this 100% silk blouse. It incorporates that popular Peter Pan collar, whilst the black piping adds a quirky element to the luxe wardrobe essential. And did I mention it's in the sale?
The final item on my McQueen wishlist (that's a lie, my list could go on forever but I thought I'd limit myself to just 3 today) is the monochrome skull-print chiffon scarf. Last summer, during my trip to New York, I visited the McQueen Savage Beauty exhibition and one quote which really struck a chord with me was "I oscillate between life and death, happiness and sadness, good and evil" perhaps explaining McQueen's heavy use of skulls and skull prints throughout his years of designing. Right now, the fashion world (me included!) is just as captivated by skull-prints as he always seemed to be and although I may not be quite ready to order that beautiful chiffon gown, perhaps this scarf can be my first dip into the designer ocean.

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26 August 2012

Outfit of the Day - A Shade of Grey

Sunglasses - River Island
Jumper - Pimkie (France)
Denim shorts - Republic
Shoes - Converse
Bag - Select Fashion
Scarf - Texto (France)

Went out for lunch and a nice little stroll with my parents today. It's not often we spend much time together so it was cute to have a catch up and go for the obligatory bank-holiday-walk. I'm still suffering from post V Festival sadness and have therefore spent the last few days on the sofa, wrapped up in my duvet, with Professor Green and The Killers on repeat, so today I grabbed my new Pimkie jumper which despite not being the happiest of shades, is so comfortable. Note to London/Paris/New York/Milan: Please bring 'slouchy' back in, I just want to be cosy. Yours, rather chilly and sleepy Claire. I also donned my trusty pair of Converse and went for a shorts and tights combo as it's not quite Carribean weather right now.

The more observant of you will notice from the top photo that I am now rather blonde! I'd been wanting to dye my hair for a while but was too much of a scaredy-cat to go all out so I went for highlights and I'm so glad I did. Still not sure whether I want to go completely blonde; my hair is looking pretty straw-like as it is, so I think I'll need to do a bit more deep conditioning before I go near anymore bleach!

29 July 2012

Fortnight In Photos #3

 My favourite ring from A Weathered Penny/On the way to a summer party/Really cute Select label
 Treating my nails to some TLC (and glitter)/Cake at Covent Garden/Ready to watch Les Mis
 Amazing Accessorize phone box in Covent Garden/Models Own nails/Cute notebook from Ted Baker
 Pigging out in McDonalds with my friend Lauren/HUNTERS from Witch Skincare!!!/Spicy lunch at Wahaca
 Hot chocolate shots/View from the London Eye/Chilling on the duck tour with my beak
 Eating (AGAIN)/Chanel popup store in Covent Garden/Snacks to aid Fashion Show research hehe
Walking along the seafront after my friend Amy's birthday dinner/Loving life with my popping candy from Witch/Out for dinner (AGAIN) and spending more money (AGAIN!)

It seems like everytime I update you all, the main thing I have to say, is how busy I am and this time around, there's no change!

I finished Year 12 so my summer has officially begun! In the last week or so of sixth form, I worked loaaaads at the weekends and completely tired myself out, then when the summer holidays started, so did my summer job which is equally tiring. But hopefully, I'll get my energy back soon as I'm off to France in a week, which I am really excited about!

But back to the last few weeks. I took a few trips up to London: went to sing at St Martin in the Field, watched Les Mis in the West End, did some shopping in Covent Garden and my favourite trip of all, went to the Witch Skincare #FlawlessFriends event in Waterloo! Us blogging girls went for lunch at Wahaca, jumped onto to London Eye (and I literally mean jump; the pods are constantly moving!), before a hilarious duck tour around the city. I've been out for dinner with some of my friends, generally eating a lot (no change there) and have also started planning the charity fashion show which I'm organising in October. Summer's started and although I should be relaxing, if anything, I'll probably find myself even more things to do and get even busier! One thing's for sure though, I want to pay a whole lot more attention to my blog and my youtube channel as they've been a bit neglected recently. So eyes peeled!

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