22 February 2012

Latest Batiste Releases (feat. New Batiste Cherry)

These past few months, Batiste have been bombarding us with new scents and styles and although I really do love them all, I thought I'd share with you the 3 latest scents which have all completely taken my fancy. Please note, I also love the handy mini-sized cans - particularly in Original - but that has been lost somewhere in the realms of my wardrobe/room/bags/house.....

Batiste Wild
Living up to typical Essex standards, I do love a bit of leopard print so when I saw this on the shelf at Boots I couldn't resist. I still cannot get over the pattern (why don't more brands use leopard print?!) and the chocolately scent makes it even more of a winner for me.

Batiste XXL
I must say, I haven't found XXL particularly good for actual 'dry shampoo'ing but, as the name suggests, it is absolutely fantastic for creating volume, holding hairstyles right at the roots, possibly even more successfully than many 'drugstore' hairsprays. As a poor old student, I find it great when I want a voluminous hairstyle but don't want the hairdresser price.

Batiste Cherry
The latest addition to the Batiste family has definitely been welcomed by me with open arms. Everyone and their mother seem to be loving all things retro and Batiste are clearly no different. I love having this sat looking pretty on my dressing table and the light cherry scent is gorgeous too.

I'm never without a can of Batiste somewhere nearby and will probably keep on buying it til I'm an old granny with a perm. Cans are available in Boots, Superdrug and most good supermarkets and pharmacies so if you haven't got your hands on some yet, you have no excuse!

Have you tried Batiste? What's your favourite scent/design?


Girlie Blogger said...

I really need to try these. And try dry shampoo in general.

thefashionfreak said...

@Girlie Blogger - You should! Great if you're in a rush in the morning and want to add a bit of volume to your hair before you head out the door :)

Claire xxx

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