29 April 2012

Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation Review

With troublesome teenage skin, I'm always on the hunt for a good foundation. These last few months, I've been reaching for the foundations with the heaviest coverage possible, asking ladies at various cosmetics counters for 'the thickest one please' but recently, as summer is on it's way, I've decided it's time I go back to a more natural, less Essex foundation in an attempt to give my skin a bit of a chance to 'breathe' as the aforementioned ladies would probably recommend!

I'd heard that the Rimmel had launched 'Wake Me Up' and after reading review upon review of positive things, I decided to test it out for myself. I hate trying to colour-match my skin to foundations so I swept through Boots in Westfield, picking up my usual staple products then headed over to the Rimmel foundations and grabbed the first two 'not-too-white-not-too-orange' bottles of Wake Me Up that I could see.

In my mad Wake Me Up rush, I ended up with 'Soft Beige' (a bit too yellow) and 'Classic Beige' (a bit too pink) but luckily, a mix of the two are a rather good match for my skin!

 L - R: 'Soft Beige' and 'Classic Beige'

L - R: 'Soft Beige' and 'Classic Beige'
 'Soft Beige' and 'Classic Beige' (blended separately)
'Soft Beige' and 'Classic Beige' (blended together)

The foundation feels really light on my skin but still manages to give good medium coverage which is definitely buildable. The thin consistency makes it really easy to blend and with just a bit of moisturiser underneath, I've found it can last for most of the day which is a nice bonus considering, unlike it's other Rimmel counterparts (25HR Lasting Perfection - I'm talking about you), it doesn't claim to last for crazy amounts of time.
So Rimmel, you've impressed me. At £8.99, a pretty reasonable price, nice consistency and rather impressive staying power. 'Wake Me Up' might not cure my lack of sleep it definitely gives my skin the boost it needs!

18 April 2012

What's In My Bag?

I've had such a great response from my first video on Youtube and so many lovely mentions on twitter that I thought I'd keep up the good work and upload another one. I love watching tag videos so I decided to film a 'What's In My Bag?' video. I've loved my Mulberry-inspired bag ever since the day I bought it in Miss Selfridge; it's a lovely tan colour, has loads of space for all the junk I like to carry around (see video) and well, it looks like Mulberry. I can't think of a better reason to love it!

I've linked/embedded/I don't really know-ed the video above - enjoy! And if you want to see any extra info, comment or subscribe, here's the link to my channel! P.S. Hope you're all having a lovely week. The fact that my first exam is in exactly a month's time is killing me! I really should be revising but of course, as usual, there's way too many distractions and a billion other things I'd rather be doing! Do any of you have exams coming up?

15 April 2012

NOTD: Cyan Blue - Barry M

In an attempt to avoid any form of actual revision or work, I've been painting my nails loads these last few weeks. And of course, because I've been chopping and changing colours so often, I'm getting through my collection at a rate of knots! I've rekindled my love for Barry M polishes; they are just so bright and glossy yet still under £5 a bottle. In the past I did notice that lots of my Barry M polishes got quite thick and gooey (ew) if I hadn't used them in a while but this doesn't seem to be so much of a problem recently. Have they changed the formulation or have I just been lucky?

This shade, 'Cyan Blue' has really got me in the mood for summer. Now we just need a bit more sun!

14 April 2012

Toils of Teenage Skin on LBQ

Today I'm lucky enough to be guest blogging on Hayley's fantastic blog - London Beauty Queen. In my post 'The Toils of Teenage Skin', I'm talking all things skincare and although it's based on my own experience of terrible teenage skin, hopefully my tips and recommendations will be helpful for young and old! I talk through my skincare routine, my favourite products and a couple of skincare tips and tricks. Enjoy and let me know what you think!

12 April 2012

Charles Worthington Hair Healer Review

No matter how hard I try to resist using heat on my hair, somehow the hairdryer and straighteners come creeping out of my drawer and I find myself attacking my hair once again. I wish I had naturally straight hair which naturally dried sleek and swish. I also wish I had perfect skin and a permanent skin but hey ho, we can't have it all! When I leave my hair to dry naturally, I'm left with loads and loads (and loads) of curls and ringlets, which, although I like from time to time, are very hard to tame and also make my hair look incredibly dry and brittle. Therefore, more often than not, I turn to my straighteners.

But with 200 degree straighteners in hand and such damaged hair, I'm always searching for something to smother my split-ends with, to stop them from splitting anymore! I recently came across the Charles Worthington Hair Healer and after reading it's promises to 'repair', 'recondition' and 'provide added heat protection', I snapped it up immediately. Usually, I'll find a product, read some reviews, phone a friend, ask the audience, do 50/50... You get the idea, I tend to mull things over for a while before buying something but I was desperate to sort out my hair and the Hair Healer looked very promising indeed.

And sort out my hair, it did! After using it for most of March before blowdrying and straightening my hair, my split ends seem to have visibly reduced and my hair feels a whole lot stronger. Definitely a product I would recommend, so much so it even made it into my March Favourites.

You can get the Charles Worthington Hair Healer at Boots for £5.69!

6 April 2012

The Fashion Freak is on Youtube!

I finally took the plunge and uploaded my first Youtube video! Please do give it a watch, comment if you're feeling nice and subscribe if you're feeling super duper nice!

Thank you for your never ending support and look out for my blog posts (and videos!) soon.

Claire xxx
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