12 April 2012

Charles Worthington Hair Healer Review

No matter how hard I try to resist using heat on my hair, somehow the hairdryer and straighteners come creeping out of my drawer and I find myself attacking my hair once again. I wish I had naturally straight hair which naturally dried sleek and swish. I also wish I had perfect skin and a permanent skin but hey ho, we can't have it all! When I leave my hair to dry naturally, I'm left with loads and loads (and loads) of curls and ringlets, which, although I like from time to time, are very hard to tame and also make my hair look incredibly dry and brittle. Therefore, more often than not, I turn to my straighteners.

But with 200 degree straighteners in hand and such damaged hair, I'm always searching for something to smother my split-ends with, to stop them from splitting anymore! I recently came across the Charles Worthington Hair Healer and after reading it's promises to 'repair', 'recondition' and 'provide added heat protection', I snapped it up immediately. Usually, I'll find a product, read some reviews, phone a friend, ask the audience, do 50/50... You get the idea, I tend to mull things over for a while before buying something but I was desperate to sort out my hair and the Hair Healer looked very promising indeed.

And sort out my hair, it did! After using it for most of March before blowdrying and straightening my hair, my split ends seem to have visibly reduced and my hair feels a whole lot stronger. Definitely a product I would recommend, so much so it even made it into my March Favourites.

You can get the Charles Worthington Hair Healer at Boots for £5.69!


Emma Bromfield said...

Definitely going to purchase a bottle of this! :) great review xx

Nancy Buckland said...

What a great review. I have frizzy hair and try everything so I am going to give this a go! And a fab blog glad I have discovered it!

thefashionfreak said...

@Emma - Thank you! And yes do, I really would recommend it!

@Nancy - Aw thank you so much!

Claire xxx

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