6 April 2012

The Fashion Freak is on Youtube!

I finally took the plunge and uploaded my first Youtube video! Please do give it a watch, comment if you're feeling nice and subscribe if you're feeling super duper nice!

Thank you for your never ending support and look out for my blog posts (and videos!) soon.

Claire xxx


Alice Porter said...

That's reallyreally good! Wouldn't believe it's your first time! I love your blog,pleease check out mine!


Anonymous said...

Claire, you are a natural! You come across as really confident. To talk like that without any preparation or prompts is much harder than it looks and you do it so well. I see a big future for you in the media. Melanie x

thefashionfreak said...

@Alice Porter - Aw that's really sweet of you, thanks lovely!

@Melanie - Ahhh thanks so much Melanie, means a lot!!

Claire xxx

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