22 May 2012

Brand Buzz: A Weathered Penny

At last a jewellery company with gorgeous designs and equally appealing price tags. No more expensive than the likes of Topshop and River Island, A Weathered Penny is a London-based jewellery brand which was founded by the fantastically creative Kayleigh Myers. And with such wonderful jewellery for sale, you'll believe me when I tell you she has fantastic taste too!

Just a quick browse on the website and you'll be making a shopping list in no time. Whether it's the edgy skull bracelets, cute collar tips or huge statement jewellery, A Weathered Penny caters for everyone of all styles and tastes.

The Cradle Necklace is quite possible my favourite of all the A Weathered Penny jewellery. It's limited edition so get your mitts on it quickly! Just make sure you save one for me.

 I love how dainty the Howlite Tooth necklace is, and splash of turquoise would make any outfit pop!

Kayleigh told me that she was inspired by all the galaxy prints popping up here, there and everywhere in the fashion world to create the Galaxy Frame necklace and it's been selling like hot cakes ever since!
Both the quality and affordable pricing of the jewellery really stands out for me and I'll definitely be having another browse when payday comes around!


jemmalouise said...

love this post! we need to meet again at some point! love ya mini me x

thefashionfreak said...

@jemmalouise - Thank you lovely and definitely!!

Claire xxx

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