4 May 2012

Outfit of the Day - London Calling

On Wednesday, I jumped on the train and headed up to the Batiste Lace launch in London. I was going to be a true Batiste fan and go out and buy a lace dress to wear but time slipped away and before I knew it, it was B-Day. Get it? I know, I'm too funny!

So instead I reached for my latest purchase: a dark blue sheer blouse from New Look. It's a really bold colour so I just threw on some black and let the blouse take centre stage. I teamed it with my favourite ring which I actually wore at London Fashion Week and also one of my favourite necklaces - a weird little gold ballet fox. I didn't actually plan on doing an Outfit Of The Day but my friend Lauren and I had some time to kill in the afternoon and some of you had asked what I'd be wearing so I did a bit of awkward Fashion Freak posing, got some funny looks and then hopped across town for the launch!

Blouse - New Look
Cardigan - H&M
Stirrup leggings - Primark
Boots - Doc Martens
Bag - Miss Selfridge
Ring - Miss Selfridge
Necklace - Miss Selfridge (wow, I love Miss Selfridge don't I?!)
Nail polish - Models Own Pinky Brown from the Beetlejuice collection

The event was fantastic and I'm so glad I wore my Doc Martens as I got off the tube way too early and had to do a bit of a trek through Oxford Street! Look out for my Batiste Lace post tomorrow!


Jess said...

Aaah this outfit is gorgeous! I love the docs ;) you look gorgeous sweets :) x

Michelle said...

Nothing like taking outfit photos in public in broad daylight :P Seriously so in love with that necklace, it's adorable! Hope you had a lovely time in London sweet. xx

thefashionfreak said...

@Jess - Awh thanks Jess! Glad you approve ;)

@Michelle - Oh I know, I get soooo embarassed! Ahhh glad you like the necklace! I'd never seen anything like it before so when I saw it I had to get it :)

Claire xxx

Devyn said...

Hey, we're Doc Marten twins, you've got good taste!! :)

Claire said...

I'm obsessed with your bag, it's so pretty :-)

Emma Bromfield said...

Loving the outfit Claire! xxx

thefashionfreak said...

@Devyn - Hahaha love a good pair of Docs!

@Claire - Ah thank you, glad you like it! Love your name by the way Claire hehe ;)

@Emma Bromfield - Aw thank you!

Claire xxx

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