20 May 2012

Took a (beauty) trip to Topshop

After months of working hard to save my money, this week, all that saving seemed to go a bit downhill. As some of you may have seen from my collective haul video, I've been doing quite a bit of shopping recently and although, in fairness, some things were just typical essentials (think makeup wipes and nail polish remover), I did also somehow find myself hanging around in Topshop quite a bit. Not in a weird way, just in a I-love-shopping-and-makeup-and-glitter sort of way!

I picked up my first ever Topshop cream blush in High Five and a super sparkly polish in Razzamatazz.

With both little flecks and bigger hexagon-shaped chunks of silver glitter and a slight blue/lilac tinge to the actual polish, two or three nice generous coats look lovely on their own but as usual, with glitter polishes, a slick of Razzamatazz over the top of some of my bright polishes also looks really fun. This will be appearing in lots of NOTDs to come, I'm doubt.

Surprisingly, as much as I loved the glitter polish (you all know The Fashion Freak loves a bit of glitter), the blush was what really stood out to me when I was browsing the Topshop makeup stand. It's a lovely rosy pink and on testing it out, I soon learnt that as it's a cream blush, rather than powder, you only need a tiny bit for a whole lot of colour, so this little pot should last me quite a long time!

Do you use Topshop makeup? If you do, what are your favourite products?


Linzi Louisa said...

They all look amazing :-) The blush looks very pretty!

Linzi xx


GirlieBlogger@Beauty Fashion Blog Seattle said...

Oh I feel the same. I spent so much money yesterday! But some stuff are worth it.

Seattle Fashion Beauty Blog

Michelle said...

Oh gosh Claire, once you've bought into the Topshop cream blushes, you'll never look back. SO good! If it's still in stock, Head over Heels is a beautiful peachy coral pink for the summer (:

G A B Y said...

That blush looks heavenly!

sjmwell said...

The colour of the blush look's lovely, I've only just tried Topshop's cream blusher's in 'Head over heel's' which I love, definitely picking more up, especially this one!

thefashionfreak said...

@Linzi Louisa - It is such a gorgeous colour, I love it!

@GirlieBlogger - We deserve to treat ourselves from time to time hehe!

@Michelle - I am already loving this one so much Michelle! Will keep my eyes peeled for Head Over Heels next til I'm in town :)

@G A B Y - It is such a lovely colour :)

@sjmwell - So many people have told me to try Head Over Heels. Let me know what you think of this one if you get your hands on it!

Claire xxx

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