25 June 2012

NEW! Witch Skincare BB Cream Review

Those of you that follow me on twitter or like my facebook page will know that I am now one of Witch's 20 Flawless Friend bloggers and last week, us girls were completely spoilt with welcome packs containing with almost the entire Witch range. As a huge Witch fan, I already had quite a collection of Witch Skincare products building, but after this latest delivery, I now have enough skincare products to keep me going for a long long while! However, there was one product that was completely new to me and that was the company's latest creation, the Anti-Blemish Beauty Balm.

I must admit, I never jumped fully on to the BB-cream-bandwagon and before now only ever owned one BB cream, a little Garner one which although does the job, needs a hell of a lot of blending and has always been a bit too orange for my liking. So when Witch's BB cream popped through my letterbox, I was eager to see how it compared. And I am pleasantly surprised.

The first thing I noticed when testing out the 'balm' was the creamy consistency and how well it blended, whilst the fact that I only needed a blob about the size of a 20p piece to cover my entire face means that the little 50ml tube shouldn't be running out in too much of a hurry. Also, luckily for me and my pink-undertoned skin, the BB cream is a light peachy pink colour, so it matches perfectly! Although this is great for me, from what I've heard and read so far, there only seems to be that one shade at the moment so I'm interested to see if anymore shades will be released for girls with darker skin.

The Beauty Balm feels really light on the skin, almost as if you were wearing just moisturiser, but gives surprisingly good coverage which saves the worry of clogging your pores and drying out your skin: something that often crosses my mind with most of my usual foundations. I apply it with my fingers (though I suspect it would give you a really natural but flawless look if you used a buffing brush), add a bit of concealer and then set it with a bit of powder and it lasts for most of the day before it needs a bit of a touch up! Overall, an impressive product which has definitely earned its place in my makeup bag as of this month.

The Anti-Blemish Beauty Balm launched today in Superdrug at £6.99 and will also be available in selected Boots stores come August this year.

17 June 2012

Fortnight in Photos #1

 Psychology revision/Trip to Pizza Hut/Lunch in London with TalkPR
 Gorgeous baroque prints at Lipsy/Raspberry cocktail/Floral peplums
 Rainy morning/Watching the Diamond Jubilee flotilla on tv/My friend Emma's dip dye
 Beautiful-smelling Batiste/My favourite cakes/BBQ in the garden
 A rather unhealthy birthday breakfast!/Funny card from my pal Natalie/Cute birthday napkins
 Visit from my cutie pie cousin/My new bag/And again....
 Moustache ring/Amazing cross detail/One of my favourite AW Lipsy pieces
Loving my ring/My bedroom wall/Dandelion on a sunny Sunday

My new phone arrived about 2 weeks ago and as soon as I got the internet up-and-running, the first thing I did was download Instagram. I've spent so long drooling over all the cute 'filtered' photos that appear in my Twitter feed that I couldn't wait to get my hands on Instagram for myself! I somehow find myself checking it every few minutes and am really enjoying discovering other people's photos as well as snapping away and posting my own. My username is cwaterworth if you fancy following me!


Yes you heard it, Motel Rocks, home of bright but wearable dresses, floral playsuits and galaxy print skirts (possibly 3 of my favourite things) is having a half-price sale! It doesn't officially start until Wednesday but if you click the image above, you'll be sent to the 'Secret Sale' page where you can start shopping today, before everyone else gets their hands on your favourite pieces. To get the 50% off, all you need to do is fill your basket with your sale picks and then add the code SECRETSALE50 at the checkout.

There are some amazing bodycon dresses which I don't think I quite have the summer body for yet as well as some slouchy black and white slogan tees but it's the crazy-patterned jeans that have caught my eye! These pineapple print skinnies are only £24 with the SECRETSALE50 code and are definitely tempting me...

Is there anything you've got your eyes on? Let me know if you pick anything up in the sale, I'd love to hear!

12 June 2012

Lipsy Autumn/Winter 2012 Collection

Not long ago, I headed through Oxford Street over to Atrium to preview the AW12 collection for Lipsy, a brand which I adore. I had high hopes that they would deliver just as gorgeous dresses as they have for this current season and I was not at all disappointed! This collection shows a darker grungier side to Lipsy, with chunky studs, baroque patterns and gothic crosses, but still managing to stay both feminine and flattering. Forget clumpy boots and leather coats, think studded heels and sequined bodycons!

Peplums are here there and everywhere at the moment and at Lipsy, it's no different. There's already some lovely peplum dresses on the website but this black and gold one caught my eye as soon as I walked through the door; the cut seems so flattering and for me, the intricate pattern makes it way more exciting and unusual than the block colour ones I've seen before.

As always there were embellishments a plenty and something that really stood out for me was the skirt (far left in the photo below) with the gorgeous black/green feathers which I think would look amazing as a statement piece with a black top, blazer and chunky wedges.

But it's not all change. Those bright floral Lipsy numbers we know and love? Yeah there's still a welcome handful of them. Amongst the rails of clothes (which are all now on my if-I-was-a-rich-girl shopping list), I spotted some Mary Katrantzou and Prabal Gurung inspired pieces which not only mean that we can drag out our summer even when it's pouring down outside but also that we can have our very own slice of the 'designer cake' but at a fraction of the price.

And if a bit of Mary K's not your bag, you'll soon be able to get your hands on some ridiculously cute collars. This one below is one of my favourites but I also spotted a leather one with heart cut-outs and scalloped edges which is definitely tempting me!

Every season, Lipsy impresses me that little bit more and it's offerings couldn't be more up-to-date. With embellished collars, studded crosses and peplums skirts, Lipsy knows exactly what it's doing and I now know exactly where all my money is going to go come Autumn!

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