17 June 2012

Fortnight in Photos #1

 Psychology revision/Trip to Pizza Hut/Lunch in London with TalkPR
 Gorgeous baroque prints at Lipsy/Raspberry cocktail/Floral peplums
 Rainy morning/Watching the Diamond Jubilee flotilla on tv/My friend Emma's dip dye
 Beautiful-smelling Batiste/My favourite cakes/BBQ in the garden
 A rather unhealthy birthday breakfast!/Funny card from my pal Natalie/Cute birthday napkins
 Visit from my cutie pie cousin/My new bag/And again....
 Moustache ring/Amazing cross detail/One of my favourite AW Lipsy pieces
Loving my ring/My bedroom wall/Dandelion on a sunny Sunday

My new phone arrived about 2 weeks ago and as soon as I got the internet up-and-running, the first thing I did was download Instagram. I've spent so long drooling over all the cute 'filtered' photos that appear in my Twitter feed that I couldn't wait to get my hands on Instagram for myself! I somehow find myself checking it every few minutes and am really enjoying discovering other people's photos as well as snapping away and posting my own. My username is cwaterworth if you fancy following me!


jemmalouise said...

yeyeyeyeyeyey can follow you now x

Sheree Milli said...

aw, how cute is your cuz. great blog. x

liloo said...

cute cute cute photos xx
really enjoyed this post
liloo/@tsunimee xx

thefashionfreak said...

@jemmalouise - Woo woo!

@Sheree Milli - Haha I know she's such a cutie pie! Thank you Sheree!

@liloo - Thank you Liloo, so glad :)

Claire xxx

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