12 June 2012

Lipsy Autumn/Winter 2012 Collection

Not long ago, I headed through Oxford Street over to Atrium to preview the AW12 collection for Lipsy, a brand which I adore. I had high hopes that they would deliver just as gorgeous dresses as they have for this current season and I was not at all disappointed! This collection shows a darker grungier side to Lipsy, with chunky studs, baroque patterns and gothic crosses, but still managing to stay both feminine and flattering. Forget clumpy boots and leather coats, think studded heels and sequined bodycons!

Peplums are here there and everywhere at the moment and at Lipsy, it's no different. There's already some lovely peplum dresses on the website but this black and gold one caught my eye as soon as I walked through the door; the cut seems so flattering and for me, the intricate pattern makes it way more exciting and unusual than the block colour ones I've seen before.

As always there were embellishments a plenty and something that really stood out for me was the skirt (far left in the photo below) with the gorgeous black/green feathers which I think would look amazing as a statement piece with a black top, blazer and chunky wedges.

But it's not all change. Those bright floral Lipsy numbers we know and love? Yeah there's still a welcome handful of them. Amongst the rails of clothes (which are all now on my if-I-was-a-rich-girl shopping list), I spotted some Mary Katrantzou and Prabal Gurung inspired pieces which not only mean that we can drag out our summer even when it's pouring down outside but also that we can have our very own slice of the 'designer cake' but at a fraction of the price.

And if a bit of Mary K's not your bag, you'll soon be able to get your hands on some ridiculously cute collars. This one below is one of my favourites but I also spotted a leather one with heart cut-outs and scalloped edges which is definitely tempting me!

Every season, Lipsy impresses me that little bit more and it's offerings couldn't be more up-to-date. With embellished collars, studded crosses and peplums skirts, Lipsy knows exactly what it's doing and I now know exactly where all my money is going to go come Autumn!


Angelica said...

The dresses look amazing! x

aliceautumn said...

i be luffin the gold corset-y dress with the black chiffon skirt. lovely post bbe xxx

thefashionfreak said...

@Angelica - They are so gorgeous! Can't wait until I can get my hands on some!

@aliceautumn - So cute isn't it!? But the skirt's only at the back so it's slightly revealing!! Thanks Alice!

Claire xxx

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