25 June 2012

NEW! Witch Skincare BB Cream Review

Those of you that follow me on twitter or like my facebook page will know that I am now one of Witch's 20 Flawless Friend bloggers and last week, us girls were completely spoilt with welcome packs containing with almost the entire Witch range. As a huge Witch fan, I already had quite a collection of Witch Skincare products building, but after this latest delivery, I now have enough skincare products to keep me going for a long long while! However, there was one product that was completely new to me and that was the company's latest creation, the Anti-Blemish Beauty Balm.

I must admit, I never jumped fully on to the BB-cream-bandwagon and before now only ever owned one BB cream, a little Garner one which although does the job, needs a hell of a lot of blending and has always been a bit too orange for my liking. So when Witch's BB cream popped through my letterbox, I was eager to see how it compared. And I am pleasantly surprised.

The first thing I noticed when testing out the 'balm' was the creamy consistency and how well it blended, whilst the fact that I only needed a blob about the size of a 20p piece to cover my entire face means that the little 50ml tube shouldn't be running out in too much of a hurry. Also, luckily for me and my pink-undertoned skin, the BB cream is a light peachy pink colour, so it matches perfectly! Although this is great for me, from what I've heard and read so far, there only seems to be that one shade at the moment so I'm interested to see if anymore shades will be released for girls with darker skin.

The Beauty Balm feels really light on the skin, almost as if you were wearing just moisturiser, but gives surprisingly good coverage which saves the worry of clogging your pores and drying out your skin: something that often crosses my mind with most of my usual foundations. I apply it with my fingers (though I suspect it would give you a really natural but flawless look if you used a buffing brush), add a bit of concealer and then set it with a bit of powder and it lasts for most of the day before it needs a bit of a touch up! Overall, an impressive product which has definitely earned its place in my makeup bag as of this month.

The Anti-Blemish Beauty Balm launched today in Superdrug at £6.99 and will also be available in selected Boots stores come August this year.


GirlieBlogger@Beauty Fashion Blog Seattle said...

I would really like BB cream's lightness. Anything lightweight sounds good to me.

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Sarah said...

I want to buy this cream. I hope this cream would work for my skin. Thanks for sharing this.

Anonymous said...

I love this BB cream- the only thing I would say is it is slightly too light for my skin!

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