1 July 2012

Fortnight in Photos #2

Catching up on some celeb fashion/Perfect (non-alcoholic) summer drink/Wacky French-manicure using my new 17 polish in Wave
 Huge Models Own order/Witch Skincare welcome pack/My attempt to get back into reading
 Still lemonade from Leon at Kings Cross/Amazing taxi/'Disco Mix' by Models Own
 Tempting popcorn (which I managed to resist!)/Fake nails and more Models Own!/Being vain

Cute cushions in Debenhams/My lovely little mug from Witch Skincare

These last 2 weeks have been rather busy to say the least. Enjoyed 9 hours on the train to and from Leeds Uni open day, researched other unis, went to a 'University Superfair', became a Witch Flawless Friend, spent a stupid amount of money (mainly on food, nail varnish and food, so nothing out of the ordinary), had a wander round Debenhams homeware section wishing that I had more money (and my own flat) and managed to paint my nails about 5 times. Really like my new polish by 17 Cosmetics in 'Wave' but my new Models Own are definitely my favourites of the month and just seem to be shouting "USE ME! USE ME!" everytime I walk past them. But back to university quickly, if you're in the middle of a degree, please do tweet me as I'd love to hear about what you think of your uni as I really don't think I'm going to have time to look at as many as I'd like! Hope you've all had a lovely last few weeks and here's to the next two! Woo.

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