29 July 2012

Fortnight In Photos #3

 My favourite ring from A Weathered Penny/On the way to a summer party/Really cute Select label
 Treating my nails to some TLC (and glitter)/Cake at Covent Garden/Ready to watch Les Mis
 Amazing Accessorize phone box in Covent Garden/Models Own nails/Cute notebook from Ted Baker
 Pigging out in McDonalds with my friend Lauren/HUNTERS from Witch Skincare!!!/Spicy lunch at Wahaca
 Hot chocolate shots/View from the London Eye/Chilling on the duck tour with my beak
 Eating (AGAIN)/Chanel popup store in Covent Garden/Snacks to aid Fashion Show research hehe
Walking along the seafront after my friend Amy's birthday dinner/Loving life with my popping candy from Witch/Out for dinner (AGAIN) and spending more money (AGAIN!)

It seems like everytime I update you all, the main thing I have to say, is how busy I am and this time around, there's no change!

I finished Year 12 so my summer has officially begun! In the last week or so of sixth form, I worked loaaaads at the weekends and completely tired myself out, then when the summer holidays started, so did my summer job which is equally tiring. But hopefully, I'll get my energy back soon as I'm off to France in a week, which I am really excited about!

But back to the last few weeks. I took a few trips up to London: went to sing at St Martin in the Field, watched Les Mis in the West End, did some shopping in Covent Garden and my favourite trip of all, went to the Witch Skincare #FlawlessFriends event in Waterloo! Us blogging girls went for lunch at Wahaca, jumped onto to London Eye (and I literally mean jump; the pods are constantly moving!), before a hilarious duck tour around the city. I've been out for dinner with some of my friends, generally eating a lot (no change there) and have also started planning the charity fashion show which I'm organising in October. Summer's started and although I should be relaxing, if anything, I'll probably find myself even more things to do and get even busier! One thing's for sure though, I want to pay a whole lot more attention to my blog and my youtube channel as they've been a bit neglected recently. So eyes peeled!

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