2 September 2012

Fortnight In Photos #4

Ticket for V Fest/Waiting for my plane to France/Can of Batiste looking cute
 Postbox red nails/Skull-print scarf/Trying on peplums in New Look
 OMG mug from Urban Outfitters/Best crisps ever/My friend's bedroom wallpaper
 Being immature/Pink nails from the OPI Minnie Mouse collection/Pretty cat outside my house
 Spike bracelet from ASOS/Miguel at the iTunes Festival

It's been the summer holidays for me for the last few weeks and I've managed to squeeze in quite a lot! I had an amazing time at V Festival and somehow managed to get through the 4 showerless days and 3 nights of camping in quite possibly the tiniest tent ever made, pretty easily indeed. Seeing Professor Green was definitely my highlight, possibly because I just felt really cool that I knew all the words to every song in his set....

After my stint at V, I was lucky enough to stay with my friend in France. The weather was amazing - no knitwear in sight! Not only was it nice to catch up with my friend and enjoy some proper sun (English weather, sort yourself out), but my petit séjour also gave me a chance to brush up on my French before I embark on my final year of sixth form. One more year wooooooo!

Talking of sixth-form, last month there was also the dreaded Results Day. With uni not far away now, on the way to pick up my AS results, the fact that these grades are actually quite important, finally kicked in and I don't think I have ever been so nervous! Luckily, my hard work paid off (remember all those moany/depressive tweets, yeah that was when the 'hard work' was happening; I got AABC and an A in General Studies! Relieved doesn't even cover it.

I hope you've all had a lovely summer and if you received your results, that you got what you were hoping for! I've been trying hard to find more time recently to sit and read my favourite blogs as well as find new ones that take my fancy which has also really kept my own blogging spirit up, which means a lot more Fashion Freak coming your way!  Thanks for reading xxx


jemmalouise said...

WELL DONE on your results lovely, that's frigging amazing <3 x

thefashionfreak said...

@jemmalouise - Eeek thank you Jemma! I am soooo relieved. Now just one more year to go and I'm freeeeee!

Claire xxx

GlassesShop said...

I love ALL of these!!

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