16 September 2012

Fortnight In Photos #5

 Flicking through the Urban Outfitters mag/Ridiculously cute nails courtesy of Skin Art Nail Tattoos/Watercolour portrait of my friend Charlotte and I at Fashion's Night Out
 Working on my personal statement and doing some French reading/Quite possibly the cutest dog alive/My new (unbelievably high) Charlotte Olympia-esque heels

Drink of choice while waiting for the train/Goodybag from the launch of the Eley Kishimoto SS13 exhibition/Planning my journey for LFW part deux

The last fortnight has been rather lovely. For a start, my nails have been beautiful throughout thanks to the wonders of nail tattoos, which I will be blogging about in more detail very soon. My trip up to London for Fashion's Night Out was also most definitely a highlight, a chance for some late-night shopping as well as a browse of the Thomas Lyte AW12 collection, however it wasn't long before I trudged back to normal teenage living as it's been uni-a-go-go. I've been booking open days and working on my personal statement which, if you've never written one before, is like writing a CV but somehow ending up sounding about 46876291 times more snobby as you go on and on about how amazing you are.

I treated myself to some gorgeous new shoes - horrendously difficult to walk in but gorgeous none the less - and also headed up to London again for the launch night for the LFW Eley Kishimoto exhibition. It was a wonderful event and the exhibition was very intriguing. More on that soon! I'm headed up to London again tomorrow (I'm a lucky girl) for a Vauxhall Fashion Scout SS13 show and I cannot wait to report back!

Hope you're all well! Have you been following the London Fashion Week action?!

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