30 September 2012

Fortnight in Photos #6

In the Glam Media suite at LFW/Healthy popcorn/My LFW pass
Fry up to prepare me for another uni open day/Dinner at Pizza Express/Feeling all arty in the common room
Finale at Fashion Shenzhen/Glitter nails courtesy of Models Own (as per)/Hot chocolate before another uni open day

Despite having a million and one things to do, the past two weeks have been amazing. In between a sprinkling of open days and lots of rushing around at sixth form, I went up to London Fashion Week; saw some gorgeous SS13 clothes, some fantastic people and a whole load of mindblowing street style. If there's anywhere to get some fashion inspiration, it's fashion week.

I waved goodbye to lots of my friends heading off to uni which has got me even more nervous/worried/excited for the fact that this time next year, (hopefully) that'll be me. With so much work to do, I'm surprised I'm not pulling my hair out all day everyday with the stress of it all but I think I'm still in a good mood from all the excitement of the past few weeks!

Autumn seems to be the season for all my friends' birthdays so luckily for me, for the next few months, there isn't an empty Saturday night in sight! The only downside - my bank balance is dwindling and fast. Any good money making schemes anyone?!


Carol Beirão said...

I loved the post! Keep posting!!

walkingandworkingshoes said...

love the post.... keep posting

Camilla said...

you have such a cute blog!

xo Camilla

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