9 November 2012

Batiste Wild Party Trio

Just when I thought Batiste couldn't get any further into my good books, they've created this trio of dry-shampoo-goodness! There's two new additions, Mamba and Savanna, as well as my all-time favourite Wild. Let's be honest, put something leopard print in a pack and there's a 99% chance I'll buy it. As you'd expect, the mini cans have the typical Batiste formula and are great for revitalising hair or even to add a bit of volume halfway through the day or before a night out.

Perfect as a little Christmas gift, to keep you going through the Christmas-party season or just as a cheeky present to yourself! Go on, it has been a hard old month so far hasn't it?

In Boots stores til December, at £4.99, this cute little trio doesn't break the bank and what's more, there's a chance to win a £300 Motel Rocks voucher as well as an automatic 20% code with every pack!
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