4 March 2013

OOTD: A day in Brick Lane

 Top - Topshop | Jeans - H&M | Hoody - Topshop | Coat - Topshop | Shoes - Primark | Nails - Miss Sporty and Models Own

I went up to Brick Lane on Saturday ready for some bowling fun with Witch Skincare and with a bit of a journey on the train there and back and a bit of walking (and serious bowling exercise of course!), I decided to go quite casual. I layered up a grey hoody and a camo jacket - my two latest purchases from Topshop - to keep warm and, rather than piling on the accessories, kept things simple  with my trusty H&M jeans and my bejellewed tee which I cannot stop wearing. I love anything remotely rainbow-y, glittery or sparkly so as soon as I saw it the other week, it was love at first sight. What do you think of it? Do you like to go casual for the weekends or do you prefer to dress up on your days off?

My first stop of the day was at Boudoir Parlour, a new salon set up by the Asma, the founder of Boudoir Lashes which I've blogged about before. She does amazing lash extensions which always look long and full of volume, without looking at all false, and I'd recommend her to anyone wanting to give lash extensions a go!

After my trip to Asma, I did some window shopping, grabbed some lunch and then met up with Shope who was kind enough to take these outfit photos for me. She writes an amazing blog with her sister Shore and they are both absolutely lovely girls. I always have so much fun spending time with them when we meet up! Shope and I wandered around a vintage fair for a little while and picked up a few bargains, before heading to All Star Bowling for the Witch Skincare #FlawlessFriends event with lots of our blogging friends. We were spoilt with crazy amounts of food and had some amazing cocktails too. The Luau was definitely the blogger favourite but I could not work out how to pronounce it for the life of me!!

It was a really lovely day and it was great to catch up with some of the #FlawlessFriends girls. I filmed bits and pieces of the day to give you guys an insight into some of the wonderful things I am lucky enough to be invited to and have posted the vlog on my Youtube channel.

Have you ever been to Brick Lane? What's your favourite place to visit?


Maddy said...

You look lovely, I love your nail polish!

Jessica Oh said...

I love how comfy you look!, Cute outfit!


Nail Art said...

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Katie said...

Love that top!

New follower!


Hughesing said...

looks soooo pretty!!

- i've followed through 'blogglovin'
- pretty please check mine out tooo!


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